A Day In the Life

JD runs most of our errands, and he’s Moon’s preferred chauffeur for her trips to and from school. So today when she called and asked me to bring something she’d forgotten, of course I sent him. It was already after 1:00 p.m. so I told him to just go ahead and check her out early. Alas, he was too late, because the school says if you don’t check-out by 1:30, you can’t. He JUST missed it. So when faced with the decision to either come home and drive back, or just sit and wait the 30 minutes until she was released, he decided to sit and wait. Hey, for once he was FIRST in car line. Which is why it was so much more horrifying when all the kids came pouring out and he realized his vehicle wouldn’t start. His HUGE vehicle which was in the very front of the loooong line and taking up most of both lanes. The teachers had to come out and redirect all the traffic around the parking lot so everyone could get by. He called and asked me to come and “bring the jumper cables.” I was pretty sure “bring the jumper cables” was code for “laugh hysterically”. So I did.

Joy Journal 71 -80

I have a folder on my desk marked, “Faith Stuff”. It’s where I tuck the numerous bits and pieces I find along the way. Some are handouts from church, or things I’ve found on the internet, bible verses I want to remember, or encouragements given to me from friends. One of the sheets of paper was given to me years ago in “cell group”. It’s a listing of what God says about me. About you. So, I’m thankful:

71: That I am a saint (Eph. 1:1)

72. That I am hidden with Christ in God (Col. 3:3)

73. That I am chosen by God, holy and dearly loved (Col. 3:12)

74. That I am a child of the light (! Thess. 5:5)

75. That I am a holy partaker of God’s heavenly calling (Heb. 3:!)

76. I am sanctified (Heb. 2:11)

77. I am one of God’s living stones, being built up in Christ as a spiritual house (1 Pet. 2:5)

78. I may approach God with boldness, freedom, and confidence (Eph. 3:12)

79. I have been rescued from Satan’s domain and transferred into the Kingdom of Christ (Col. 1:13)

80. My needs are met by God. (Phil 4:19)

Today, I’ll try and live like I believe it.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. 2 Corinthians 5:17

Holy Sunday – Channeling Ann Voskamp

We’re preparing for bed, side by side in the bathroom, when I see her reflection in the mirror and I’m struck with how incredible it is – me, her mom. Without thinking I ask, “Moon, do you ever wonder why God put you in this family and not some other one?” Is this just an adoptive mom’s question or does ever mother’s heart wonder?

She shrugs. “Sometimes. And I wonder what purpose I was created for.” I’m just letting that wash over me when she adds, hesitantly, “I’m not saying I’d choose another mom, but sometimes I wonder why not Miss Jeanette, or Miss Melanie from Girl Scouts. Why not Britt and Kathryn? Why THIS family?”

Why, indeed. I lay in bed later thinking, why us, why me. And then, Why was I born into MY family, not the neighbor’s across the street, or across the state, or another country? What purpose was I created for? What journey, already written, needed to begin where He put me?

I don’t know, but His purposes for me didn’t begin when I turned 18 or 21 or last week. It was planned from the beginning. And I wouldn’t trade this journey – beginning, middle, and unknown end for anyone else’s.

The morning comes, and Moon stops her rushing around, to come and hug me. “You’re the best mom in the world. I really believe that.” She dashes off to finish cleaning her room.

The name of the path I walk is,”Blessed”.

Psalm 139:16  You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.

Friday Funny

Photographers are weird. I should know, I married one. But there is weird, and there is this guy:

Warning: There is some brief, male nudity, but not the good kind. You won’t have to confess any inappropriate thoughts for watching this.

Okay, you were warned. Now click HERE.

I’m a Little Behind.

I admit that title could use some work, but it’s true – I am behind in my work. That’s what I get for taking Monday off to celebrate our Presidents. And to make matters worse, today I had a morning meeting with my new writer’s group. Oh, I still have the OLD group, but we only meet once a month and that wouldn’t work with my personal goal of having something to do 24/7.

After my meeting, but BEFORE I could start working on my actual job, I needed to gather all of Team Tyre’s paperwork so I could fill out some insurance information. Which is when I discovered that I’ve misplaced ALL of our important documentation. You know, birth certificates, social security cards, adoption papers. I have no idea where they could be. I had them all together in a file folder in JD’s hat drawer. It made sense at the time. JD swears he saw the folder “somewhere”, so that’s a relief. Once I cross “nowhere” off the list, the search should go much faster.

I got a little work done while JD took Moon to horseback riding, then I took Moon to tennis and worked a little more. Gas is only $6.00 a gallon, perhaps Moon could enroll in a few more activities. Whatever. The difference between her and “Helen” diminishes with every practice, so I say it’s well worth the money.

You know what else is well worth the money?

This beret! It’s only $11.95 and I think it will look awesome on my head while I’m in India. Oh wait, did I say INDIA? I meant PARIS, cause I’m going there too! No, I didn’t win the lottery. It turns out that planes actually stop there occasionally on the way to and from India, so my BFFE, Mantamy and I are going to get off the plane and see the sights. And by “see the sights”, I don’t mean “flirt with hot, French guys”, what is wrong with you??? I mean drink lots of wine and eat french bread by the pound.

Wine and bread is what I do. Which is why I AM a little behind, but I don’t HAVE a little behind. The French are going to love me. Je suis une Kardashian!

Got A Haircut, Going to India

I know what you’re thinking, “That must be some BAD haircut.” No, Kittens, the haircut is CUTE, and I got it BECAUSE I’m going to India. And also because I’m seriously vain and I know the RadiGal that’s going to India with me will not stand around and wait while I use a hairdryer and a round brush. So I had to get a cut that will look awesome using only a dollop of soap and a bucket shower. Obviously I have my mind on the important aspects of this trip.

I learned my lesson from last time. After we got back, our church wanted to show photos from the trip, you know, to show the congregation all the cool stuff we did. The morning of the presentation, the dude who runs the video equipment pulled me aside and whispered, “I took one of the photos of you out. You’ll thank me later.”

Well, anyone would look bad compared to those two cuties.

This entire trip is going to be much easier than last time. I have my easy hairdo, my passport, all the clothes from last time, everything but my airplane ticket. How hard can that be? I’m pretty sure they sell those as Costco now.

I got my hair cut while in Zollicoffer. We went to see family, take some photos, and to let Moon get two teeth filled. And you didn’t think Team Tyre knew how to party!

This is one of the many cute photos we managed to get. I have others, but I don’t want to show them to you before their parents see them. And also, because they’re of Tania-the-Mad’s grand-children and I like frustrating her.  I might be persuaded to post a few, cause they’re REALLY CUTE, with the right incentive. And by “incentive”, I mean cash.

Hey, those tickets to India aren’t going to buy themselves.

Joy Journal 61-70

I know this is a bit late, but I’m enjoying watching the sun rise over the snowy mountain in Zollicoffer. I have lots of things to be thankful for – let’s begin, shall we?

61. I’m thankful that my parents live on a mountain where I can visit and watch the sunrise.

62. That it snowed while we were here.

63. For the ability to build a snowman with my daughter.

64. For hot chocolate.

65. I’m thankful that my daughter found a dentist who needs photography.

66. I’m thankful that my husband has serious skill as a photographer.

67. I’m thankful I was in town while my Aunt Gay from Michigan visited.

68. That my mom and Aunt Gay are documenting the family history.

69. That I come from such a long line of “interesting” people.

70. That I’m not running for public office.

I hope that everywhere you look today, you find something to be thankful for!

Moron Test Craft

Moon bought a book over the weekend full of fun, crafty ideas. Luckily, crafts are my specialty.

First, get a pair of your husband’s jeans.  You might want to make sure he’s out of the house during this little craft project. Also, out of the jeans.

Cut out the pocket, being sure to leave the back on.

Decorate with sparkly stickers, ribbons, jewels, etc.

Then cut out the inseam….

Sew the inseam into the pocket, and voila! A cool, blue jean purse for you and two of your BFF’s. Everybody’s happy. Well, everyone except your husband.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m sure that you, like me, are reclining on a lounge surrounded by a sea of rose petals, enjoying breakfast in bed while the sound of Adele plays in the background. Okay, just that Adele part is true, (thanks, Honey!) but who needs rose petals anyway?

Is it Tuesday already? This past weekend is a blur. Yes, I know, aren’t they always? Friday night, Moon and JD went to their first Daddy/Daughter dance and I’d say it was a huge success. Once the DJ puts on “Who Let the Dogs Out?” I think we can all agree the party is ON. They both loved every second of it, and I enjoyed having the night free to sit on the couch and drink a wine cooler I found in the back of the fridge, left over from a party during the summer. The summer of 2010.

Saturday, I took Moon and a school friend to DAC kids so they could play in the sand, crawl through inflatables, and shoot Nerf balls at strangers. At least I think that’s what they did. DAC has free wi-fi, so I didn’t look up once the whole time. My favorite kind of play-date! Then we went to Menchies for frozen yogurt by the pound. Afterward, I realized I’d left my bank card on the table. Yogurt for everybody! Luckily the staff found the card, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to go out to eat Saturday night!

Passionistas Carolyn and Delia met me at Blue Moon Pizza in Vinings. It was great catching up on what’s been happening since the Passion Conference.

It’s amazing how much easier it was to chat when we weren’t standing outside in sub-zero temperatures.

Sunday, Team Tyre skipped church so that we could meet some friends for lunch. Hello? It had been a whole two hours since I’d eaten. If we’d gone to hear about our Lord and Savior, we might have had to wait ten minutes for a table! After consuming my weight in tortilla chips, we took our friends to the airport where they boarded a plane for ISRAEL. I was seriously jealous.

Have you seen the kind of food they serve over there??