Holy Sunday – Channeling Ann Voskamp

We’re preparing for bed, side by side in the bathroom, when I see her reflection in the mirror and I’m struck with how incredible it is – me, her mom. Without thinking I ask, “Moon, do you ever wonder why God put you in this family and not some other one?” Is this just an adoptive mom’s question or does ever mother’s heart wonder?

She shrugs. “Sometimes. And I wonder what purpose I was created for.” I’m just letting that wash over me when she adds, hesitantly, “I’m not saying I’d choose another mom, but sometimes I wonder why not Miss Jeanette, or Miss Melanie from Girl Scouts. Why not Britt and Kathryn? Why THIS family?”

Why, indeed. I lay in bed later thinking, why us, why me. And then, Why was I born into MY family, not the neighbor’s across the street, or across the state, or another country? What purpose was I created for? What journey, already written, needed to begin where He put me?

I don’t know, but His purposes for me didn’t begin when I turned 18 or 21 or last week. It was planned from the beginning. And I wouldn’t trade this journey – beginning, middle, and unknown end for anyone else’s.

The morning comes, and Moon stops her rushing around, to come and hug me. “You’re the best mom in the world. I really believe that.” She dashes off to finish cleaning her room.

The name of the path I walk is,”Blessed”.

Psalm 139:16  You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.

4 thoughts on “Holy Sunday – Channeling Ann Voskamp

  1. I know exactly why God put Rachel in your family—it was a God-thing all the way around—can’t explain it and as much as it sometimes hurts I know it was God’s plan for her(Ps 139:16)from before her beginning…..much love…..

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