Happy New Year!


May your 2010 be beautiful and bright! Sort of like that picture. (See how I tied those two together? That only comes from blogging every day for a year.)

I’m worn out from staying up past 9, and NOT drinking – darn you DIET! But I’m looking forward to 2010 and many more posts where I totally make fun of myself and my family. In an unrelated note, if you have any fun photos of last night’s celebration, hopefully including wearing silly things on your head and vomit, please send them to me. No reason; I just like to see what I’ve missed by growing old.

#1 New Year’s Resolution

365 books in 1 year. I know, I know, how DIFFICULT, but I will also be keeping track. See, doesn’t that sound like a tough resolution to keep? What did you expect from me – lose 10 pounds and keep a cleaner house? As if.

My dear, friend Deborah has notebooks FULL of the titles and descriptions of books she’s read and I’ve always wanted to steal the idea. PLUS I love to read and it’s good for my mental health.

So to recap, my New Year’s Resolutions are to spend more money, hang out at the lake, and read a bunch of books. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a new year more.

What are YOU doing?

We interrupt these resolutions…

for a Birthday Shout-out!


My nephew, Matthan, is 12 years old today! Okay, he’s not really 12, it’s just that it’s hard to believe that that’s him, holding a baby of his OWN. It was just yesterday that JD and I were racing to Tennessee to catch the last few minutes of his Friday night football games. He’s changed so much in the past few years. Now he’s actually COACHING those Friday football games. Wow, the transformation is astounding.

Before the MoonPie, Alaska Ashleigh, and Juvenile Joseph, we all thought the sun rose and set over Matthan.


Awww. Look at the cutie. He’s being held by my great  grand-parents, Cumie and Daddy Bob. She died not long after that picture was taken. Coincidence? We like to think so.


That’s his fake “I’m angry” look. He was never actually angry a day in his life. Why be angry when the entire world revolves around you? He was my first and only baby-sitting job. My sister, Tania-the-Mad (did I mention that she’s a LOT older than I am?) used to pay me $20.00 a week to watch him. TWENTY DOLLARS  A WEEK! (That’s four dollars a day for those readers from Virginia). I only have one memory of the period, and that’s when my dad woke me up from a very nice nap on the couch to ask me why Matthan was crying. How the heck should I know, as I was SLEEPING!  By the way, my dad’s angry look is not fake.

I’d decided NOT to post anymore Birthday Shoutout’s (TM) but I have so many great shots of Matthan – scoring touchdowns, pitching baseballs, graduating from Dartmouth, that it seemed like a waste.


Maybe next year I’ll dig those out.

Happy Birthday Matthan, we love you!

New Year’s Resolution #2

Since yesterday’s resolution was met with such praise, “It’s all about YOU, It’s selfish, Spending money? that’s IT?“, I thought I would continue with my lovely, carefully thought-out resolutions.

As a side bar, have you seen Julie/Julia? We watched it a couple of days ago and loved it. Did you know my mother has a small part in the film? She plays the mother of the blogger. Watch for her.

Back to business. My New Year’s #2 is – More Water!


Obviously, I don’t mean to actually DRINK it. Ewww. I hate water. Well, a vodka tonic is not so bad, but otherwise it’s so plain! I’m talking about water as in floating on, splashing with, skiing across, boating on top of – LAKE water! My dear, dear, beloved friend John has offered to sell me his boat and trailer at a VERY low price. He even said I could make payments if I wanted. It’s almost like he WANTS to get rid of it.

Whatever. I’m going to be ZolliGirl H2O in 2010.

My husband says it’s a good thing my Resolution #3 was to spend more money. See? The lake – it brings everyone together.

New Year’s Resolution #3 – Spend more money


I’ve spent the last year trying to spend less, and let me just say, it stinks. I’m not a big spender anyway, preferring yard sales to retail, but this year I realized something vitally important: I don’t look so good. Those great bargains I’ve found over the summer aren’t so great when they don’t fit, aren’t the right color, or have tiny stains. There’s probably a REASON they were selling the Gap t-shirt for .50 cents, and it might be because puke green doesn’t look good on ANYBODY. Especially women of a certain age and weight. Face it, it is a small and you are NOT.

So bring on 2010. I’m 15 minutes from the Mall and I’ve got a brand new credit card. I’m going to get my hair done a week before it needs it, instead of three weeks past. I’m paying someone to wax my eyebrows, getting new glasses and shopping retail.  I’m going to  break through the stranglehold of cheapness that’s had me in it’s grip for an entire year and spend more money on me, my family, and my house. We are going to look GOOD. Or be broke by March. Whichever.


2009 – your time is almost up.

I thought I’d take the next few days and think about what I’ll do differently next year. Maybe make a list; let’s just call them non-binding resolutions.  Before I decide, take a look at the Top Ten most often cited New Year’s Resolutions-

10. Get Organized

9. Help Others

8. Learn something new

7. Get out of debt

6. Quit drinking

5. Enjoy life more

4. Quit smoking

3. Tame the bulge

2. Fit in fitness

1. More time with family and friends

Hmmm, those cover just about everything. I’m going to have to dig deep to come up with something different. I’m not sure what they’ll be, but I can almost GUARANTEE that number 6 won’t make the list. Especially if number 1 does.

Blogging from Z-town, (with all of the FAMILY)


The Art of Gift Giving

Me: Did you take the Christmas gift to the neighbors?

MP: Yes, I said “Merry Christmas, Kilgores!”

Me: OK

MP: And she said, “Thank you very much!”

Me: Well, I’m glad she liked it.

MP: And I said, “Don’t thank me, it was my mother’s idea.”

Me: Uh. Remind me to send your dad next year.

Fun Times

You know how I want to spend my day? Waiting in line at the Verizon store. THEN I want the Verizon tech to tell me that while he COULD give me another USED phone which might lead to the same defective port/no charging problem that I CURRENTLY have, I COULD call the stupid people who gave me the REFURBISHED phone in the first place and they’d send me a NEW one, no problemo. Then I want to call them and have them tell me that they COULD give me a phone, but I could do it much FASTER online. THEN I want to spend my time going through all of the online questions only to find out that it really CANT be fixed online. HA, HA! So THEN I want to call the number AGAIN and have them tell me that I don’t have the AUTHORITY to change my phone, so never mind.

And then I want to yell at the Verizon person and tell them thank you for NOT helping, and then spend the next few hours wondering if he left mean notes about me on the account. Of which I don’t have the authority to change.

Then I want to remember the time I got REALLY mad at our phone company and told them to CANCEL it, only to realize later that I’d cancelled ALL of our phones.

And finally, I want to realize that my crazy meter has jumped the shark and I need 2010 to come in a big way.

So, how was YOUR day?