Kicked booty at bridge yesterday, whoo hoo! My partner (Dennis) and I were sitting East/West, in the C bracket. C was for 0-2000 points, quite a leap for me and my 40+ points. I think my partner has over a 1000 but I don’t know for sure. So we came in 1st! 1st in C you say? No, 1st in A, B, and C! A is for 4000 points up. Again I say, WHOO HOO! It was made even sweeter because my partner was fairly disgruntled with me. That’s not unusual when you’re the owner of 40+ points playing in the Open Game. My partner’s are often disgruntled. But obviously I didn’t SUCK, cause we came in 1st! Okay, for a full disclaimer, when you factor in all of the people sitting North/South we were 3rd overall. That’s out of 13 teams, ALL of which have way more that 40 points. Worth 1.59 by the way. If you don’t play bridge, you SHOULD. I spent 8 dollars and I’m gonna be high all week.

Dennis the Menace

Dennis the Menace

The Jig is Up

I think JD and I have done a good job of sheltering our daughter, of  keeping her from the “world”.  And by “world” I mean people that clean their houses on a regular basis, get showered and dressed before noon, and have seen Star Wars less than a hundred times.  It’s a minor miracle, but she still thinks we’re normal. But for the next few months we’re introducing a new component into the mix – a twenty-something, oh-so-over-it, Generation Y, texting manic named Ashleigh.


Ashleigh is fun, Ashleigh is cool, Ashleigh is 6 feet tall and carrying her mother’s credit cards. Ashleigh knows things. Like that scrunchies went out years ago, and that bridge is not something most people under 80 play. SHE may sleep still noon and never clean her room, but I’m pretty sure she thinks mom’s should. Darn you, Sister with your regular job and your Talbots clothing.

Oh well. If it means we can have date night once a month, then I’ll throw out the scrunchies. And I’ll pretend the tote with cards all over it is for poker. Poker is cool, right?


I am almost always on the computer. When Rachel has a play date, I take the computer. If we’re going to the park – whippee, they’re wifi! Heading over to my brother’s house for family dinner, I’ll just connect to their network. It’s almost impossible for me to deny myself the opportunity to multi-task. Except when I go to Foxberry Farms.

Rachel’s been taking riding lessons for over 6 months, and there’s just something about being there that forces you to relax and enjoy the moment. Today was busy, but as soon as I stepped onto the porch overlooking the arena, I felt better. I don’t know if it’s the land, the horses, or the cats and dogs that chase around, but I need it more.


How far I’ve sunk.

Last night, laying in bed, I thought..”I need to do something different, shake things up a bit. I’m in a rut.” Cause I’m slowly morphing into a lazy slug and will one day move the laptop, attempt to get off the sofa, only to find that me and the couch are one. Yuck. So my big change – the big “shake things up” idea? I got up and showered. No sitting around in my pj’s when I can sit around in my fat jeans and t-shirt.

And even though I cleaned three rooms of my house yesterday, actually wiping down surfaces and sweeping, by 3:00 my coffee table looks like this.


My kitchen is a wreck, there are clothes to put away,  I’ve still got hours and hours of work to do, and Facebook is calling my name! I need an intervention.

Chaos and Chemistry

More of one than the other, but it was a fun day. I don’t know what special gift teachers have that allows them to quiet down 18 screaming children, educate them, and send them on their way clean and happy, but I don’t have it. The mad scientist was a hit, the kids had fun, the girls got lots of good stuff, and I collapsed in the bed and woke up nine hours later with pillow creases on my face.

With all of the confusion, I didn’t have time to take many photos, not even one of the glowing pickle! Luckily Jemi’s grandma had the presence of mind to bring her camera, thanks Miss JEAN!








Today’s the day…

Rachel, Jemi and 16 other sugar-crazed children are coming to the birthday party in about six hours. We’ve got T-shirts, science experiments, and a volcano cake complete with smoke that spews out the top. What could possibly go wrong?



Fun Times


I love winter, especially the temperature dipping below freezing, wind chill minus three degrees kind that emboldens critters to squeeze themselves through minute cracks in my house and seek shelter in the balmy comfort of my home. We’ve had birds, the usual rodents (eww) and even a snake (fun day). But nothing says Welcome to the Kitchen like a flying squirrel. The freakishly big eyes, the furry tail, the way it flies overhead as your husband tries to catch it in a fishing net, while simultaneously trying to take its picture.



My plan was to hide in the bedroom and open all the doors until it found its way out. Luckily, JD and the net persevered and the Flying Rabies of Death is now back outside. Good going, hubby!

My baking skills are awesome!

Rachel is having a birthday party on Saturday with her closest compadre, Jemi. The theme is “Mad Science” and I’m in charge of the cake. And it’s going to be cool – a beaker, every little scientist’s dream cake! Jemi’s mom, Jeanette asked me to make a “test” cake. What is up with HER? I think my skills are obvious. Man, I bet she feels silly.