Moron Test Craft

Moon bought a book over the weekend full of fun, crafty ideas. Luckily, crafts are my specialty.

First, get a pair of your husband’s jeans.  You might want to make sure he’s out of the house during this little craft project. Also, out of the jeans.

Cut out the pocket, being sure to leave the back on.

Decorate with sparkly stickers, ribbons, jewels, etc.

Then cut out the inseam….

Sew the inseam into the pocket, and voila! A cool, blue jean purse for you and two of your BFF’s. Everybody’s happy. Well, everyone except your husband.

3 thoughts on “Moron Test Craft

  1. Cute! I’m thinking 3 pocket purses means 2 pairs of jeans. I think I’m glad I wasn’t there when JD got home…

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