Photos from a Week in Zollicoffer

Mom Tebowing for a pizza.

Grocery shopping with Joseph and his girlfriend, Kayla.

Brunettes in the backseat.

JD on the Mountain.

Moon and her new Yoda backpack.

Tania-the-mad boring kids and dogs to sleep.

Alaska Ashleigh’s new color.

My new cut.

It was a great way to finish the year. 2012, bring it on!

Gone Visiting

As JD and I were addressing our Christmas cards, I pulled one to send to an old friend, Amy. We’ve known her and her kids for about ten years but I haven’t seen her recently. As I began to look for her address, I remembered she’d moved. Hmmm, what to do? How about a road trip?

I knew 2 things before JD, Moon and I jumped in the truck. She used to work at a restaurant called the Brass something in Chatsworth, and I had her mom’s address as a backup plan. How hard could it be?

Turns out, not hard at all.

Not only did we drive straight to the restaurant and find her working, Moon LOVED the fried chicken and creamed corn. Turns out my friend Amy is the cook. A mom who cooks, how weird is THAT?

She seemed happy to see us, and since she was getting off work soon, asked if we’d like to go to see her new house and her old kids.

Moon getting to eat fried chicken and hang out with four kids? Could you ask for a better way to spend the day? I think not.

I admit to feeling a little bit guilty. After all, the woman works full-time, has four kids, a dog, and we’d given her NO notice that we’d be stopping by. I really hoped she wouldn’t be embarrassed by the state of her house.

Turns out her house was immaculate. The kids rooms were neat, beds made, toys put away. No dishes in the sink, no clutter on the table, no dog hair on the floor. Great.

That will teach me to drop in unexpectedly. I need to get some new friends. Who knew Amy was such a show-off?

Howdy, Kittens!

I’m writing this from my mountain retreat, the one with a great view of Zollicoffer and enough animals to staff 3 petting zoos. I’ve been trying to blog, but my mom bought a new sofa, the kind with a recliner on each end, and I’ve been horizontal since we walked through the door.

Except last night when the young ones convinced me to go to a late-night movie with them. Ten o’clock? So THAT’S what that looks like. I wouldn’t have bothered but the theater was playing Twilight’s Breaking Dawn, and I had to see Edward and Bella get married because otherwise HOW WOULD I GO ON? The only weird part was when it showed Bella realizing she’s pregnant cause she missed her period, and I’m thinking that would be something I’d be paying attention to if I were dating a vampire. Everyone knows not to go wading in the ocean during that time, so I’m thinking you wouldn’t want to be alone in a car with a vampire, amirite? On the way home, we discussed who was hotter, Edward or Jacob, and pretty much everyone was on Team Jacob. Except Joseph. He thinks Edward has better hair.

The night before, we stayed up watching Cowboys vs. Aliens until 2 a.m.

It was a much simpler film than Twilight. Everyone agreed the cowboys were WAY hotter than the aliens. Even Joseph. There might be a deeper meaning in all of these movies, but so far, I’m unaware of what it might be.

Oops, She Did It Again.

Note to young readers, if you’re aver going to drop some bad news on your mother, the Christmas Eve service at church is a nice location for the job. There we were, sitting in the dim glow of a thousand candles, when I looked over at my daughter and said, “With your hair pulled back like that, it reminds me of that time you cut your hair.” Hahahaha. My daughter, obviously guided by the Holy Spirit, said nothing.

Later, in the bright light of the lobby, it hit me. No, it didn’t just look like last time, it WAS like last time.

If you don’t remember the previous time my daughter gave herself a terrible haircut, please refer to THIS. That will help you understand why I didn’t freak out. Because compared to that, this haircut was practically professional! I had just begun to notice that her hair was getting long and was wondering when she’d hit me up for a haircut. Silly me. I should have known that those bangs would be on “her LAST nerve,” and she’d take matters into her own hands.

The good news is that the kid is seriously cute and can rock ANY look.

That, and she left me enough hair for a comb over. Whew. Now I’m off to hide the scissors. FOREVER. Either she’s got to stop this or I’m going to have to LIVE at the church.

Party Like A 10-Year Old

Kittens, mark your calendars – today, I was a culinary hit. Yes, nothing goes faster at a Christmas party for 4th graders than a bowl full of Pigs-in-a-Blanket. Moon and JD liked them so much I had to make MORE for an after-school snack.

I saw one kid pick up FOUR. No one has ever eaten four of anything I’ve cooked. If Moon reports that some kid spent Christmas in the hospital, at least we’ll know the cause.

JD went along to help. And by “help”, I mean eat lots of sugary sweets.

Uh, the cookies go in your mouth, not on your head. Oh well, you know how it is in public school.

Or maybe you don’t. I’m starting to figure out why Moon gets such rave reviews from her teacher. “Look, she eats with her MOUTH and doesn’t lay on the floor! Advanced class here we come.”

What would we do at Christmas parties without the Sugar-Cookie-Decorating table? More importantly, why were kids limited to one? A sugar cookie, lathered in icing and covered with sprinkles is sounding good about now.

As usual, the party was a great success, due to good friends, fun games, edible crafts, and pigs-in-a-blanket. But mostly that last one.

2011 In Photos

Not MY photos, but that would have been cool. I’m of a Holiday Mindset so blogging will be light and easy as opposed to the hours of research I usually put into this site.

See the photos HERE, but be warned. Except for Prince William and his princess, 2011 was depressing.

I’m Not Pinterested

As if I don’t spend enough time on the internet, several friends have mentioned a website they LOVE called Pinterest. It works like a cyber bulletin-board where you “pin” things you find “interesting”. I resisted for months, but finally, gave in and hit the JOIN button. Which is when they sent me an email saying I was now on the waiting list and they’d let me know when I’d been approved into their high-falutin web clique, so la-dee-da, don’t call them they’ll call me.

Whatever. While I’m not actually a member, I can steal other people’s ideas, I just can’t share my own. Or as I like to call it – a typical work day.

Unlike TODAY, which was totally different from most days in that I stayed on the couch in my pajamas and slept. Yes, people from work have been known to read this blog, why do you ask? Actually, I had a crazy headache and every time I stood up the room started spinning. And I haven’t been drinking, geesh. Not before noon, what kind of girl do you think I am? I self-diagnosed myself based on 42 hours of watching House, and I’m pretty sure I either have sinus headache or Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectsaia, but probably that first one.

Speaking of television shows, we recently introduced Moon to Star Trek. She’s already a huge Star Wars fan and once she’s seen all of Star Trek, she can give her opinion on the age old debate, as to which is better. Star Wars is an epic tale of good vs. evil, and Star Trek is an adventure story providing an idealistic, Utopian prospect of future human society. No, I don’t want my daughter to ever get married and leave the house, why do you ask?

WHY didn’t I see this in time to order it for Christmas?

Because I’m not on Pinterest, obviously. Haters.

Tweet on Tebow

I love Twitter. You can put in a topic, as in #tebow, and see what others are saying about it. Yesterday, JD and I were running errands, but I could keep up with the game just by reading the tweets. And I knew it was going badly when I read this:
#Tebow and the rest of the Broncos gonna need to spend about a week in confession after that sinful performance!
Sigh. And that was one of the nicer ones! As you can imagine, people on Twitter have a LOT to say about Tim Tebow.
Below are a few of my favorites. No haters, obviously.
  • If #Tebow ever gets engaged, the “down on one knee” thing won’t exactly steal her breath.
  • Matt Prater knows what those other girls in Destiny’s Child always felt like. #Tebow
  • Regarding Tim #Tebow, the last time this many people were interested in a white bronco was OJ…
  • The MSM hates #Tebow because he doesn’t assault women, kill dogs or shoot himself in the thigh – like the real stars of the NFL.

Even though he lost, Tim Tebow gets WAY more tweets than Tom Brady. I’m sure he finds that very comforting. Stupid Brady just has Gisele Bundchen. She’s not even AMERICAN.


Me: This says you have a spelling bee today.

Moon: No, that’s the school spelling bee. Only the two winners from my class do it.

Me: You didn’t win your class spelling bee? Which word did you miss?

Moon: Most of them.