Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m sure that you, like me, are reclining on a lounge surrounded by a sea of rose petals, enjoying breakfast in bed while the sound of Adele plays in the background. Okay, just that Adele part is true, (thanks, Honey!) but who needs rose petals anyway?

Is it Tuesday already? This past weekend is a blur. Yes, I know, aren’t they always? Friday night, Moon and JD went to their first Daddy/Daughter dance and I’d say it was a huge success. Once the DJ puts on “Who Let the Dogs Out?” I think we can all agree the party is ON. They both loved every second of it, and I enjoyed having the night free to sit on the couch and drink a wine cooler I found in the back of the fridge, left over from a party during the summer. The summer of 2010.

Saturday, I took Moon and a school friend to DAC kids so they could play in the sand, crawl through inflatables, and shoot Nerf balls at strangers. At least I think that’s what they did. DAC has free wi-fi, so I didn’t look up once the whole time. My favorite kind of play-date! Then we went to Menchies for frozen yogurt by the pound. Afterward, I realized I’d left my bank card on the table. Yogurt for everybody! Luckily the staff found the card, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to go out to eat Saturday night!

Passionistas Carolyn and Delia met me at Blue Moon Pizza in Vinings. It was great catching up on what’s been happening since the Passion Conference.

It’s amazing how much easier it was to chat when we weren’t standing outside in sub-zero temperatures.

Sunday, Team Tyre skipped church so that we could meet some friends for lunch. Hello? It had been a whole two hours since I’d eaten. If we’d gone to hear about our Lord and Savior, we might have had to wait ten minutes for a table! After consuming my weight in tortilla chips, we took our friends to the airport where they boarded a plane for ISRAEL. I was seriously jealous.

Have you seen the kind of food they serve over there??

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