Ice Cold

Where is that global warming I’ve been hearing about? It is so cold here it is all I can do to get out of bed in the morning. Okay, bad example, since I NEVER want to get out of bed in the morning, but it’s been worse lately. The only good thing about it being so cold is that I can finally wear the 1970’s suede and fur coat I bought at my mom’s vintage fashion show. I walked around all day like a 70’s pimp. The coat is seriously warm and seriously heavy. I took it off at work to hang it on a coat rack and it BROKE the rack. Bummer. But if you’re going to make me come into an office, this is the type of thing that’s going to happen, amiright Kittens?

Even without the cold, this has been a trying week. Counting Thursday, I’ve been to work four days in a row. I mean, actually getting out of my bed and into my car and driving, work. I know what you’re thinking – are they going to buy me a company car? I’m pretty sure that’s a law, so yeah.

I’m going into the office because a friend/coworker is visiting and we need to talk about google analytics, monitor our social media, check on our tracking numbers, and eat. But mainly that last one. Tonight I tried pork with pimento-cheese grits and I have to say it was totally worth the drive into work. I wonder if they deliver. Those grits would be perfect for breakfast in bed. Surely they don’t expect me to do this again for another year or so.






I was going to post yesterday, but then I figured it would snow and everyone’s power would go out and they wouldn’t get to read it so why bother. “Why bother” figures in big in my life.

JD was out of town all last week which you probably know if your friends with him on Facebook. Moon and I took advantage of having the run of the house by sleeping in, eating out, and wearing all of JD’s clothes. Moon gets the Star Wars t-shirts, I get the sweatpants. Which is good, because I learned recently that Husband Sweatpants are a good thing. Actually, I learned that Boyfriend Sweats from Victoria Secrets are a good thing, but Husband Sweats are cheaper and already in my closet.

I learned about this good thing at a church function. The ladies got together and shared something they really liked so that the rest of us could go out and buy it and thus stimulate the economy. West Cobb store owners should be rolling in the dough about now.

So far I’ve bought Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother), lengths of cute elastic so Moon can make her own hair ties, and Bio Coffee.



It’s the main ingredient, the Wheatgrass!! Vegetables in general can effectively neutralize acids in the body because they are rich in bicarbonates and other alkaline minerals like calcium, magnesium, manganese and iron. Among all vegetables, Wheatgrass is hailed as the “King of Alkaline Foods.”

You can read more about it here.

It tastes like weak coffee crossed with weak hot chocolate, already sweetened with Stevia and containing non-dairy creamer. It’s actually delicious. It’s so good, I drank TWO mugs of it today. Which is awesome since that’s like drinking 8 classes of greens. Of course it wasn’t until I’d finished my second cup that someone mentioned greens are FIBER and what Bio Coffee was trying to do. I should have known nothing with wheatgrass was going to end well for me.

At least I’m still wearing my Husband Sweatpants!

I Blame the Rain

My plan for the day was going to be this – get up at 7 a.m., get Moon ready and to horseback riding by 8:30, work, pick Moon up at noon, work, work, write, and work.

Instead it went like this – sleep until 9 a.m., work while sitting in bed until 1 p.m., shower, work while sitting in a chair, dinner.

Moon’s day was even better – sleep until 1 p.m.

Normally I’d feel bad for letter her sleep so long, but the girl was up until the wee hours of the morning reading. I asked her today how many minutes a day she’d say she reads. Her answer: 16 hours. If we did more math homework I could probably tell you how many minutes that it, but alas, let’s just go with her answer.

I don’t know who the Riley’s were, but the life of the Tyres ain’t so bad.

Run Ragged

I’m hurt. I know I’ve reached the age where I can be injured by sleeping on an over-stuffed pillow, but this time I actually DID something. I was injured while running, just a mile, but it was outside and everything. Now, in the brief moments that I get off the couch, I walk with a VERY pronounced limp. If my mother loved me, she’d bring me a snazzy cane.

Because of my injury, I’ve spend a great deal of time watching TV. Yesterday I watched Love, Lust or Run which is where they find crazy looking people on the street and give them a makeover. ┬áLike they could come up with something better for me to wear than bridge pajamas. I also watched Little Nicky, Karate Dog and The Great Gatsby.




My taste is eclectic.

All of the rest is good for me. Last week was busy and I get kind of grumpy without down time. This week is probably going to be a tough one. JD is working so I’m in charge of getting Moon to her appointments. She has horseback riding, an orthodontist check-up, volleyball and guitar lessons all in the next two days. On top of all of that, I have to feed her. How am I supposed to find time for the chiropractor? For work? For other Adam Sandler movies?

If my mother loved me, she’d come help.


Be Impressed

I ran 3 miles yesterday. THREE miles, in a row, without stopping. I haven’t checked Ripley’s, but I’ve got to think that’s some kind of record. Of course I did it on a treadmill at zero incline, but my legs were moving and everything. I was going to go ahead and do the .2 so I could say I did a 5K, but then I would have been tempted to go to 3.5, and before you know it I’d be running four miles and who knows where this craziness might end.

One thing that helped was that I downloaded a cool app called Rock My Run. It lets you pick your favorite types of music, then puts them into a DJ mix of 30, 45, 60 minute lengths. You can even manually adjust the tempo so that it is the same speed as your stride. I’m not only a runner, I’m a high-tech runner.

After my run, I came home and wrote two chapters of my work-in-progress that I’m pretty sure stinks, then did some ACTUAL work for my actual job. Later, I cleaned house because Moon’s guitar teacher was coming, then I remembered he’d cancelled this week. I will not attempt to convey the depth of my despair when I figured that out. (Name that movie!)

Moon enjoyed her volleyball class. I’m not sure how well she is doing since we’re not allowed to stay and watch, but she’s into it, and it’s not Star Wars, so win!

Tomorrow I’m having my stitches removed, (thanks for all the cards and letters) and will be HORN FREE, which sounds much cooler when you sing it to the tune of BORN FREE, fyi. With my only blemish removed, I’ve got to say I’m pretty close to perfect. But you knew that already, amiright Kittens?