I’m a Little Behind.

I admit that title could use some work, but it’s true – I am behind in my work. That’s what I get for taking Monday off to celebrate our Presidents. And to make matters worse, today I had a morning meeting with my new writer’s group. Oh, I still have the OLD group, but we only meet once a month and that wouldn’t work with my personal goal of having something to do 24/7.

After my meeting, but BEFORE I could start working on my actual job, I needed to gather all of Team Tyre’s paperwork so I could fill out some insurance information. Which is when I discovered that I’ve misplaced ALL of our important documentation. You know, birth certificates, social security cards, adoption papers. I have no idea where they could be. I had them all together in a file folder in JD’s hat drawer. It made sense at the time. JD swears he saw the folder “somewhere”, so that’s a relief. Once I cross “nowhere” off the list, the search should go much faster.

I got a little work done while JD took Moon to horseback riding, then I took Moon to tennis and worked a little more. Gas is only $6.00 a gallon, perhaps Moon could enroll in a few more activities. Whatever. The difference between her and “Helen” diminishes with every practice, so I say it’s well worth the money.

You know what else is well worth the money?

This beret! It’s only $11.95 and I think it will look awesome on my head while I’m in India. Oh wait, did I say INDIA? I meant PARIS, cause I’m going there too! No, I didn’t win the lottery. It turns out that planes actually stop there occasionally on the way to and from India, so my BFFE, Mantamy and I are going to get off the plane and see the sights. And by “see the sights”, I don’t mean “flirt with hot, French guys”, what is wrong with you??? I mean drink lots of wine and eat french bread by the pound.

Wine and bread is what I do. Which is why I AM a little behind, but I don’t HAVE a little behind. The French are going to love me. Je suis une Kardashian!

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