Are welcome! To leave one, click on the title of the post. That will bring up JUST the post. Scroll down and you’ll be able to comment. The first one is sent to me for approval. I don’t know why. I have only denied one person. My mother. But I think she learned her lesson.

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  1. Lisa, if I were an agent, I’d’ve sought you out for sure. I love zolligirl! I am so ready to read more of your writing… like maybe a whole novel with that picture of you in the bathroom on the jacket cover. Maybe I’ll become an agent, just so I can represent you and Deborah and all the other cool women we met this weekend. Given the non-progress on my novel today (I had to take a break from the first 50 words I wrote today to read zolligirl, in case I’d find some inspiration there), that might just be a better career choice. After all, think how popular I’d be at next year’s conference…!

  2. Your (new HAWC) friend:

    Lisa, I love what you wrote about your dad. I’ve always felt similarly about my own.
    Now then, aren’t we the lucky girls!
    Your father must be proud, knowing he must have done something right:-)

  3. Dan-O,
    So true and so sad! But I am going to try and make it to the July 4th tourney in Atlanta. Will you and your wife be there? I need good blog material!

  4. Bridge Tournament? In Atlanta? I will probably only play 2 or 3 sessions every day for all 5 days…

    My job sometimes gets in the way of my bridge habit.

  5. Lisa,
    Glad you had such a wonderful birthday! If you are giving Costco memberships as gifts can I please be on your list? Costco is my favorite store! My kids tease me about it all the time.
    Happy Birthday!

  6. I would like to sign up for e-mails. I really enjoyed reading your posts. Tania was right. You are a colourful writer.

  7. First of all, your sister sent me ?
    Secondly, my hubby and I were talking about rv roadtripping just 45 minutes ago and how fun it would be. I think our cat would enjoy it about as much as your dog does….
    Lastly, good luck and enjoy?

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