Conversations with Brownies

Junior Cadette (about 15, earning her badge by teaching the young ones): Today we’re going to learn about respect. Being a good listener shows respect, so let’s play the Telephone Game!

Brownies: Yea!

JC: Okay, listen carefully.  (whispering into the first Brownie’s ear) Shmushu wisthssu shimttislg

Brownie 1: Huh?

Brownie 2: What?

Brownie 3 -8: Huh? smuch wichcie idkdle What?

JC: Okay, you’re the last one, tell us what you heard.

Brownie shaking her head: No

JC: Oh, come on. Tell everyone the word.

Brownie: Well, okay.  HORNY!

JC: Uh. Wow. That was so NOT what I said.

Holy Sunday

Occasionally, when not involved in a bible study or small group, I’ve gotten together with a couple of women for what’s called a  Life Transformation Group. Basically we meet every week, chit-chat, perhaps give ourselves a chapter in the bible to read or a book to discuss and we ask each other accountability questions. The meeting can be done quickly over coffee, or you can take your time. Either way, it helps keep you on the narrow path when you know you’re going to have to answer to your friends. There are different versions of the questions, but the ones we used are below:

1. Have you been a testimony this week to the greatness of Jesus with both words and actions?

2. Have you been exposed to sexually alluring material or allowed your mind to entertain inappropriate sexual thoughts about another this week?

3. Have you been responsible with your finances or have you been consumed with wanting something that does not belong to you?

4. Have you been honoring, understanding, and generous in important relationships this week?

5. Have you damaged another person by your words, either behind their back or face-to-face?

6. Have you given into an addictive behavior this week? Explain.

7. Have you continued to remain angry toward another?

8. Have you secretly wished for another’s misfortune so that you might excel?

9. Have you spent daily time alone with God in prayer and in the Word this week?

10. Have you left anything hidden in answering these questions?

11. Your personal accountability question:

How would you answer these today? Find a group and be blessed!

Cookie Pushers

There’s nothing I love more than sitting in front of a Kroger for hours pushing Girl Scout cookies.

Unless it’s watching a bunch of 8 year olds try to figure out what $3.50 x 9 subtracted from two twenty dollar bills is.

MoonPie: Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?

Stranger: No thank you.

MoonPie: Awwwwww!

Stranger walks away hurriedly.

MoonPie yelling at their retreating back: Not even a DONATION???

She’s going to have a great career as a fund-raiser. Or a panhandler, whichever.

Hanging with the Homeys

I went out tonight with some other homeschool moms. I know what you’re thinking, “WHOO HOO, Wild Night! I hope no one was arrested!”

That was sarcasm in case you’re not related to me. When people hear “Homeschool Mom” they usually think something like this:

But the HS Mom’s I met for dinner were lots of fun.

Not one of them showed up in scarves or wearing knee highs.

A few of them even drank ALCOHOLIC beverages. This may or may not have been her glass of wine. She might have been holding it for someone busy with a camera. I can’t remember. For some reason it’s all a blur.

These women homeschool and they are COOL. I homeschool, ergo I am cool. Just thought I’d point that out.

Now, if I only knew how to turn off the “comment” section.

Lucky or Unlucky

Lucky for Aunt Ann, I decided NOT to do any birthday shout-outs this year. It was way too much pressure not to FORGET anyone, and I barely remember to dress everyday.

Unlucky for her, I was way too tired by the time I sat down in front of this blog to come up with anything else.

LUCKY for her, I couldn’t find all of the vintage photos I’d scanned last year. I know I have some of her sporting shorts and bee hive hair.

Unlucky for her, I was able to grab some from her daughter’s Facebook page.

LUCKY for her, her daughter only put a few online for me to steal.

Unlucky for Aunt Faye, she’s in most of them too.

Lucky for ME, Aunt Faye’s birthday is very close to Ann’s. Unlucky for me, it was in January. Sigh.

Happy Birthday, Aunties!

Skank you, very much.

JD: Your passport came in.

Me: Oh, good.

JD: Your picture is TERRIBLE. What were you thinking?

Me: Hmmm. I guess I was thinking,  “I REALLY wish my husband had listened to me when I told him SEVERAL times that I didn’t think the picture he gave me would work, instead of telling me to just go ahead, resulting in me having a skanky photo taken in the post office which will live with me for TEN YEARS.”

JD: OhhKaaaay.  So, want to go out to eat?

I steal more cool ideas!

I found this on A Holy Experience. She got it from a reader, who probably stole it from someone else.

Anyway, you start with a box/can/anything that can be sealed. I stole this from Cobb Pregnancy on Saturday. It was empty so I didn’t figure they’d be too upset.

Have your munchkin decorate it. It’s an Easter thing, so go for a Holy Theme.

Cut up strips of paper. Between now and Easter, write down things you want to say “sorry” for. Dear CPS, I’m sorry I stole your empty coffee can. Put them in the Redemption Container you made.

We will keep adding to it and decorating it till Easter when we will throw it away to symbolize Jesus casting away our sins as far as the East is from the West.

Pretty awesome, huh?

Me: “So then, on Easter, guess what we do?”

MoonPie: “We READ them!”

Me: “No, we throw them away.”

MoonPie: “Awww. Cant’ we read them first?”

I’ll leave that decision up to you.

Holy Sunday – Don’t freak out!

The look of Zolligirl has changed, but it’s only temporary. I’ll get to that in a minute. Hang in there with me because today’s post is going to ramble, and weave and probably tell you things about the way I think that will make you go, “WACKO”, but there will be a point.

Speaking of points, did you know this blog has one? I understand if you didn’t realize, it’s taken me a while to figure it out too. The point, beyond aggravating my mother and sharing my awesome cooking skills, is to encourage you. It’s my hope that when you’re upset because you’ve burned dinner, you’ll think “Geesh, that Zolligirl can’t even boil an EGG. Why should I be so upset.” Or if you look around your house and see that it’s a mess, you think back to how my living room looks on a semi-weekly basis and know that it’s okay. Seriously, if I can look around at my crazy life/family and still get up and keep going, you can too. Which brings me to my Holy Sunday post.

A few Sunday’s ago, I wrote about the book, Fearless by Max Lucado. I mentioned that I’ve battled fear my whole life, but I didn’t really give you the clear picture of just how nutty I am. As a child, I was blessed with a great imagination. For instance, my father would leave me in the truck while he ran inside to get us a Coke. I would think to myself, “He’s not REALLY going to get me something to drink, he’s rigged the pickup to EXPLODE. He’s trying to KILL me.”  Which of course was totally ridiculous because everyone knows he would have just used a hammer. I think he spanked me twice my entire life, but STILL. Fear doesn’t rely on logic.

The 70’s were the worst. I saw the movies Helter Skelter and Jaws within a couple of years of each other. I bet I prayed for three solid years that Charles Manson wouldn’t be let out of prison, because I was convinced he would come to Zollicoffer and KILL me.  And Jaws? Don’t even get me started.

As I got older, it was a little easier to control the fear. Sharks? I’d just stay out of the ocean FOREVER. Charles Manson? By the time he got out he’d be so old, I was pretty sure I could kick his booty. My dad? I’ll go inside and get my OWN Coke, thank you very much.

Fear was managed. And then. I got married and became a mother. Holy cow, there’s danger everywhere! JD knows that he if he doesn’t answer the phone, I’m pretty sure he’s been involved in a horrible accident. The MoonPie? How she’s managed to sleep with me coming in and checking on her every hour is a mystery.

Fear is my middle name. And I HATE it. It’s no way to live, and deep down I know this – it’s about trust. Or rather my LACK of trust in God. If I really believed that no matter what, He’s got it all worked out, wouldn’t I let go of this stuff? I mean, I KNOW that He’s much more capable of taking care of my family than I am. So do I trust Him to do it? And if something happens to me or them, isn’t this a two-part story anyway? Won’t I see them again?  What control do I have anyway? Evil is everywhere and it’s only God’s grace that has gotten this far. Fear doesn’t help, trust does.

So. I’m sick of the fear and I’m letting it go. I am going to trust God. I am going to do what I believe He’s leading me to do, even though it is WAY out of my comfort zone. I am going to get on a PLANE, and fly to a FOREIGN country. I am going to leave my husband and darling daughter for TWO WEEKS. Just writing it brings tears to my eyes. But I believe this journey is a great step toward a new path. I want to teach my daughter a lot of things, but FEAR is not one of them. The plane ticket has been purchased and on Easter Sunday I’ll be leaving for INDIA. I know, right?

All of this to say – if I can go to India, you can do whatever it is that you’ve been avoiding. If I can trust more, you can trust more. Even with the fear, I’m really excited about what God is going to show me on this journey. He has great things in store for me and for you. Don’t miss it!

Be encouraged!

PS. Yeah, about that plane ticket. If you’d like to support my trip to India – (which I forgot to mention is a church thing, not a Lisa goes vacationing thing), feel free to click that nifty little PayPal button on the left. I might even bring you back something.  Hopefully, it won’t be malaria.

Moron Test Kitchen – Fancy Pants Brownies

The MoonPie had a Brownie meeting today and we were in charge of snacks. So we made brownies. Hey, if they like them enough to name their group after them, I might as well bring some for a treat. I found this recipe a few months ago on Bakerella.

It starts with a Brownie mix. I LOVE a recipe that starts with a mix. Prepare per the instructions on the box. I don’t want to give the plot away but it involves water, oil and 2 eggs.

Stir FIFTY times. This is why I love boxed mixes. Seriously! Not 49, not till it seems right, FIFTY. I can count to fifty. If it doesn’t work, it’s their fault.

Pour into a greased pan. But wait, there’s more!

Now make THIS according to the directions. There are only two other ingredients – SPOILER ALERT – an egg and butter.

Get a brownie to stir until smooth. Don’t mind the sneezing and runny nose. What are the chances she’ll infect the entire troop? Exactly. We’re willing to take the chance.

Make into little things resembling balls and stuff them into the brownie mix.

Bake per the instructions on the Brownie Mix – 28 minutes at 350 degrees.  Now – the FUN part.

We make Ganache. I love to make Ganache, mainly cause I like saying, “ganache”.  So, put 3/4 cup whipping cream and 6 tablespoons of butter in a saucepan. Remove from heat just BEFORE it starts to boil.

Pour 12 oz. of semi-sweet chocolate morsels in a bag.

Pour the butter/cream mixture over the morsels and let stand for 20 seconds.

YUM. Stir into smooth. Or until you get bored.

So your brownie/cookie mix should be cooled by now. My husband took the pan outside and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Try that and see if it works. Unless it’s hot outside, in which case I have no idea what you’d do. Wait I guess. Whenever your mixture is cool, pour the ganache over it. Now wait again. You have to let the ganache set-up. I think 20 minutes ought to do it. I don’t really know cause we threw some foil on ours and raced it to the Girl Scout meeting.

Moron Test Grade – I’m GUESSING an A. The troop all ate several helpings and JD has given it the thumbs up. I am an idiot who did not realize Girl Scout cookies would be arriving and gave up sweets for Lent! I was really hating that decision today. Then JD and I went out for dinner and I ordered a big glass of Merlot and realized it could have been so much worse.