Joy Journal 61-70

I know this is a bit late, but I’m enjoying watching the sun rise over the snowy mountain in Zollicoffer. I have lots of things to be thankful for – let’s begin, shall we?

61. I’m thankful that my parents live on a mountain where I can visit and watch the sunrise.

62. That it snowed while we were here.

63. For the ability to build a snowman with my daughter.

64. For hot chocolate.

65. I’m thankful that my daughter found a dentist who needs photography.

66. I’m thankful that my husband has serious skill as a photographer.

67. I’m thankful I was in town while my Aunt Gay from Michigan visited.

68. That my mom and Aunt Gay are documenting the family history.

69. That I come from such a long line of “interesting” people.

70. That I’m not running for public office.

I hope that everywhere you look today, you find something to be thankful for!

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