Books, Books, Books

It’s been a long, rainy weekend – what better way to spend it than reading? I was in WalMart yesterday and picked up three books. I’ve been reading mostly non-fiction and was in the mood for a break. I meant to buy just one, but then I started reading the back covers, and what can I say?

First was Little Bee by Chris Cleave. What got me was the first paragraph:

Most days I wish I was a British pound coin instead of an African girl. Everyone would be pleased to see me coming. Maybe I would visit with you for the weekend and then suddenly, because I am fickle like that, I would visit with the man from the corner shop instead – but you would not be sad because you would be eating a cinnamon bun, or drinking a cold Coca-Cola from the can, and you would never think of me again. We would be happy, like lovers who met on holiday and forgot each other’s names.

It’s the story of a Nigerian refugee and a woman from England who are forever linked by a terrible incident. Great writing, great story – I’m sending to my mother-in-law.

Then I picked up this:

A Reliable Wife, by Robert Goolrick. The back blurb got me.

He placed a notice in a Chicago paper, an advertisement for a “reliable wife.” She responded, saying that she was “a simple, honest woman.” She was, of course, anything but honest, and the only simple thing about her was her single-minded determination to marry this man and then kill him, slowly and carefully, leaving herself a wealthy widow. What Catherine Land did not realize was that the enigmatic and lonely Ralph Truitt had a plan of his own.”

It’s beautifully written, surprising, disturbing, and a cut above the average romance. I’m taking it to my mother’s house this weekend.

Finally, I bought this –

Theodore Boone – Kid Lawyer, by John Grisham. I love YA, (Young Adult) but most of the books I read feature a female protagonist. I wanted to read something about a boy, and I figured John Grisham would give me a solid read. Impression -reads like a regular, law thriller with a 13 year old main character.  I’m giving it to anyone that wants it. I don’t know a lot of boys that love to read, unfortunately. If Buckshot wants it, it’s his. Otherwise, leave a comment or it’s going to the library.

What are YOU reading?

Moron Test Kitchen – MoonPie edition

Inspired by my great cooking skills, MP decided she’d like to try a recipe found in her latest issue of Highlights.

Behold, Red Apple Smiles. Three ingredients, how difficult can it be?

Slice red apples, spread cream cheese on two pieces, put some mini-marshmallows in the middle and –

Voila -a beautiful, delicious smile. Uh.. okay, voila – a smile.

Moron test grade – A! MoonPie: “They are FANTASTIC and I made them.”

Me: How many did you eat?

MP: One

Me: Are you going to eat any more?

MP: No thanks.

You might want to revise that grade down a notch or two.

Holy Sunday

1st John 3:17 “If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him?” We’re IT people. Show somebody some love.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Photos from the Archives

Because I have A) a husband that’s a photographer and B) a seriously cute kid, we have loads of photos. I found these today of a photo shoot we did a couple of years ago. A local karate studio needed some stock images, so the MoonPie and her BFF Jemi modeled for us.

Wow.They’re really getting into it.

Now there’s the face of a serious competitor. Fierce! Scary! Just try and steal HER purse, she’ll put a major hurt on you.

Or a major hug. Whichever.

Photos on my Camera

I was clearing my photo card and found these images. They won’t ever win awards but they reminded me of good times over the last month. I decided to play with them in Adobe Lightroom for kicks.

Hanging with CBS at the Beth Moore lecture. Effect – cold tone and vignette

Cousin Lisa and the MoonPie at the Taste of Marietta. Effect – Punch

MoonPie in the front yard. Effect – Direct Positive

Kim Aunty at a Team India update dinner – Effect – Tone Curve/Strong Contrast

Me, EARLY morning, preparing to yard sale with mom. Effect – Aged Photo (goes with the aged model).

Thanks for a fun month. What’s on the agenda for June? I’ve got a blog to update!

Moron Test Kitchen – never mind.

I made dessert in order to do a Moron Test Kitchen, photographed the process, and then found that there was no card in the camera. Awesome. It did save to the camera’s hard drive but we’ve been unable to find a cord. Oh well, I’m pretty sure you can live without it anyway.

So I’ve decided to venture from my usual idiocy and give you some USEFUL information. Gleaned, of course, from a real blog. Via Money Saving Mom:

Spring Hill Nurseries is once again offering $20 off a purchase of $20 or more. Just use coupon code 414217 at checkout to get the discount. This coupon works on liquidation items, as well as regularly-priced items.

Shipping is not included in the discount and starts at $7.95. However, you should still be able to get a pretty good deal with the $20 off coupon code.

All you have to do is go to the website, order something nice, plant it, get it to grown, bring me some, transplant it here and you’re done!

You’re welcome.

Feel better about your own kitchen

So last week I noticed an odor hovering around my sink. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone with REALLY, really bad breath? Imagine that times 12. I figured it must mean some food particles had gotten down the drain so I washed out the sinks, and I poured vinegar down the pipes, and I, well  that’s all I knew to do. And it didn’t help. Then I spotted my teapot sitting in the window sill. See, occasionally when I’m done washing a platter, a large bowl, my TEAPOT, instead of walking it over to the cabinet which is located about 3 feet way, I put it in the windowsill to dry. Only this time I skipped a step. It might not have been so bad, but it wasn’t just tea that had been in the pot, it was CHAI.

Imagine bad breath, the worst bathroom you’ve ever visited and that smell that happens when your dog rolls in something dead all mixed together. This was worse.

I really hope she is paying attention when her FATHER is in the kitchen cause she’s learning nothing good from me.

Goal for the week – pay more attention.

Some variation of the following happens to me several times a week –

Me: Where did your dad go?

MoonPie: He went to Home Depot

Me: When?

MoonPie: Ten minutes ago.

Me: And he didn’t say good-bye?

MoonPie: Mom, he came in and kissed you on the forehead and said he’d be back in a few minutes.

Me: So he snuck out?

It’s not my fault. My brain is full of important information, like 2 diamonds over 1 no-trump is a transfer to hearts. There’s not room for everything. Geesh.

Holy Sunday

Francis Chan is great. I loved his book, Crazy Love, and his sermons are awesome. Check out the clip below:

Dude! I want to be the Mary Lou Retton of FAITH. I’ve spent enough of my life clinging to the beam – I’m ready to let go.

Who’s with me?