2008 – Buh Bye!

2008 was an interesting year, but I’m glad to see it go. Here are a few things I can do without in 2009 –

Tina Fey

I’m sorry, but destroying a person and calling it comedy is not for me. What a way to make a living. Geesh.

The View

I give Elizabeth Hasselbeck credit; I couldn’t sit at that table every day unless I was wearing a suicide vest, but she alone is not enough reason to merit keeping the show. Sidebar – has anyone in history been so misnamed as JOY Bahar?


The mainstream media is dead anyway.  They might as well change their name for the next four years to Media.gov and be done with it.

The  Pregnant Man

Ugg. And now he’s pregnant again. I don’t care about the sex change thing, but seeing a bearded pregnant person gives me the creeps. It’s like the bearded lady at the circus gone crazy.


Yeah, never gonna happen, but I can dream.

Falling in….

I’m having a great time with my in-laws. We’ve been to church, the Varsity, the aquarium, and I’ve managed to play bridge twice so far – points, 1.16, outburst – none! The new gas logs are keeping the house toasty since Atlanta has decided to join the rest of the nation in winter. Rachel is glad school is over, but enjoyed her Christmas party today. She has mentioned one little boy several times and today I asked her why.  She replied that “she had fallen in friendship” with him.  Except for the Christmas tree that produces it’s own snow, I’d say this is as fine a Christmas as a Zolli girl can have.

The Love Dare

The movie Fireproof came out a few months ago. It’s about a fireman and his wife that are on the verge of divorce, so the fireman’s father tells him to take The Love Dare. I THINK the book was a prop originally but now it’s a REAL thing. And it looks really cool. The ladies in my bible study and I have decided to read it and give it a go. It’s only 8.95 and seems fairly simple. I’m suggesting it to all my married, women friends. Well, at least the ones married to MEN. Sound like a good New Year’s resolution type of thing? Check out a sample chapter at


The Beginning

It’s an appropriate start to the Zolli blog, that said Zolligirl’s dad just rolled into town with a truck full of goodies to make her life easier. The state of Zolli is good, it says, “Look at my dad, husband, and brother putting in those new gas logs. Ahhhh, men. Pretty good going there God.”  The men in my life are not specially-gifted spiritual leaders, or captains of industry, they’re just good men doing the decent thing. I believe they are what God intended men to be – strong leaders compassionate disciplinarians, protective and good guys.  I wanted to end this post with a great quote about the merits of men, but after sifting through hundreds, all of which made fun of them, I’ll just say Thank You, God! Life is so much more because of men.