Got A Haircut, Going to India

I know what you’re thinking, “That must be some BAD haircut.” No, Kittens, the haircut is CUTE, and I got it BECAUSE I’m going to India. And also because I’m seriously vain and I know the RadiGal that’s going to India with me will not stand around and wait while I use a hairdryer and a round brush. So I had to get a cut that will look awesome using only a dollop of soap and a bucket shower. Obviously I have my mind on the important aspects of this trip.

I learned my lesson from last time. After we got back, our church wanted to show photos from the trip, you know, to show the congregation all the cool stuff we did. The morning of the presentation, the dude who runs the video equipment pulled me aside and whispered, “I took one of the photos of you out. You’ll thank me later.”

Well, anyone would look bad compared to those two cuties.

This entire trip is going to be much easier than last time. I have my easy hairdo, my passport, all the clothes from last time, everything but my airplane ticket. How hard can that be? I’m pretty sure they sell those as Costco now.

I got my hair cut while in Zollicoffer. We went to see family, take some photos, and to let Moon get two teeth filled. And you didn’t think Team Tyre knew how to party!

This is one of the many cute photos we managed to get. I have others, but I don’t want to show them to you before their parents see them. And also, because they’re of Tania-the-Mad’s grand-children and I like frustrating her.  I might be persuaded to post a few, cause they’re REALLY CUTE, with the right incentive. And by “incentive”, I mean cash.

Hey, those tickets to India aren’t going to buy themselves.

4 thoughts on “Got A Haircut, Going to India

  1. I thought we were through looking at those clothes – if you want a donation I want to see the brochure.

  2. We haven’t bought the tickets yet, but the plan is for the end of March/first of April. Can’t wait!

  3. Congratulations, I am so happy for you on the trip (and more a little jealous!!) Can we see the haircut now or do we have to wait for highlights from the trip. I think that you should present the “do” now so that you can control of the presentation. (just a thought):)

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