A Day In the Life

JD runs most of our errands, and he’s Moon’s preferred chauffeur for her trips to and from school. So today when she called and asked me to bring something she’d forgotten, of course I sent him. It was already after 1:00 p.m. so I told him to just go ahead and check her out early. Alas, he was too late, because the school says if you don’t check-out by 1:30, you can’t. He JUST missed it. So when faced with the decision to either come home and drive back, or just sit and wait the 30 minutes until she was released, he decided to sit and wait. Hey, for once he was FIRST in car line. Which is why it was so much more horrifying when all the kids came pouring out and he realized his vehicle wouldn’t start. His HUGE vehicle which was in the very front of the loooong line and taking up most of both lanes. The teachers had to come out and redirect all the traffic around the parking lot so everyone could get by. He called and asked me to come and “bring the jumper cables.” I was pretty sure “bring the jumper cables” was code for “laugh hysterically”. So I did.

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