Oops, She Did It Again.

Note to young readers, if you’re aver going to drop some bad news on your mother, the Christmas Eve service at church is a nice location for the job. There we were, sitting in the dim glow of a thousand candles, when I looked over at my daughter and said, “With your hair pulled back like that, it reminds me of that time you cut your hair.” Hahahaha. My daughter, obviously guided by the Holy Spirit, said nothing.

Later, in the bright light of the lobby, it hit me. No, it didn’t just look like last time, it WAS like last time.

If you don’t remember the previous time my daughter gave herself a terrible haircut, please refer to THIS. That will help you understand why I didn’t freak out. Because compared to that, this haircut was practically professional! I had just begun to notice that her hair was getting long and was wondering when she’d hit me up for a haircut. Silly me. I should have known that those bangs would be on “her LAST nerve,” and she’d take matters into her own hands.

The good news is that the kid is seriously cute and can rock ANY look.

That, and she left me enough hair for a comb over. Whew. Now I’m off to hide the scissors. FOREVER. Either she’s got to stop this or I’m going to have to LIVE at the church.

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