I’m Not Pinterested

As if I don’t spend enough time on the internet, several friends have mentioned a website they LOVE called Pinterest. It works like a cyber bulletin-board where you “pin” things you find “interesting”. I resisted for months, but finally, gave in and hit the JOIN button. Which is when they sent me an email saying I was now on the waiting list and they’d let me know when I’d been approved into their high-falutin web clique, so la-dee-da, don’t call them they’ll call me.

Whatever. While I’m not actually a member, I can steal other people’s ideas, I just can’t share my own. Or as I like to call it – a typical work day.

Unlike TODAY, which was totally different from most days in that I stayed on the couch in my pajamas and slept. Yes, people from work have been known to read this blog, why do you ask? Actually, I had a crazy headache and every time I stood up the room started spinning. And I haven’t been drinking, geesh. Not before noon, what kind of girl do you think I am? I self-diagnosed myself based on 42 hours of watching House, and I’m pretty sure I either have sinus headache or Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectsaia, but probably that first one.

Speaking of television shows, we recently introduced Moon to Star Trek. She’s already a huge Star Wars fan and once she’s seen all of Star Trek, she can give her opinion on the age old debate, as to which is better. Star Wars is an epic tale of good vs. evil, and Star Trek is an adventure story providing an idealistic, Utopian prospect of future human society. No, I don’t want my daughter to ever get married and leave the house, why do you ask?

WHY didn’t I see this in time to order it for Christmas?

Because I’m not on Pinterest, obviously. Haters.

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Pinterested

  1. You had the same thing granny had last week – if you sit up for a few minutes the head stops spinning and you feel ok. Too bad I wasn’t there to doctor you.

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