Photos from a Week in Zollicoffer

Mom Tebowing for a pizza.

Grocery shopping with Joseph and his girlfriend, Kayla.

Brunettes in the backseat.

JD on the Mountain.

Moon and her new Yoda backpack.

Tania-the-mad boring kids and dogs to sleep.

Alaska Ashleigh’s new color.

My new cut.

It was a great way to finish the year. 2012, bring it on!

3 thoughts on “Photos from a Week in Zollicoffer

  1. You can’t look that good at the bridge table – it will distract all the guys. Wait a second, all the other bridge players (except me) are a bunch of little old ladies… so it might not be a problem. The new “do” looks – you look so smart, I bet it even makes you play better bridge!

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