Tweet on Tebow

I love Twitter. You can put in a topic, as in #tebow, and see what others are saying about it. Yesterday, JD and I were running errands, but I could keep up with the game just by reading the tweets. And I knew it was going badly when I read this:
#Tebow and the rest of the Broncos gonna need to spend about a week in confession after that sinful performance!
Sigh. And that was one of the nicer ones! As you can imagine, people on Twitter have a LOT to say about Tim Tebow.
Below are a few of my favorites. No haters, obviously.
  • If #Tebow ever gets engaged, the “down on one knee” thing won’t exactly steal her breath.
  • Matt Prater knows what those other girls in Destiny’s Child always felt like. #Tebow
  • Regarding Tim #Tebow, the last time this many people were interested in a white bronco was OJ…
  • The MSM hates #Tebow because he doesn’t assault women, kill dogs or shoot himself in the thigh – like the real stars of the NFL.

Even though he lost, Tim Tebow gets WAY more tweets than Tom Brady. I’m sure he finds that very comforting. Stupid Brady just has Gisele Bundchen. She’s not even AMERICAN.

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