Party Like A 10-Year Old

Kittens, mark your calendars – today, I was a culinary hit. Yes, nothing goes faster at a Christmas party for 4th graders than a bowl full of Pigs-in-a-Blanket. Moon and JD liked them so much I had to make MORE for an after-school snack.

I saw one kid pick up FOUR. No one has ever eaten four of anything I’ve cooked. If Moon reports that some kid spent Christmas in the hospital, at least we’ll know the cause.

JD went along to help. And by “help”, I mean eat lots of sugary sweets.

Uh, the cookies go in your mouth, not on your head. Oh well, you know how it is in public school.

Or maybe you don’t. I’m starting to figure out why Moon gets such rave reviews from her teacher. “Look, she eats with her MOUTH and doesn’t lay on the floor! Advanced class here we come.”

What would we do at Christmas parties without the Sugar-Cookie-Decorating table? More importantly, why were kids limited to one? A sugar cookie, lathered in icing and covered with sprinkles is sounding good about now.

As usual, the party was a great success, due to good friends, fun games, edible crafts, and pigs-in-a-blanket. But mostly that last one.

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