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I know that 98% of my readership tune in each day to A) see pictures of ¬†the Moonpie, or B) hear stories about the MoonPie, and I do have some new ones. But they’re going to have to wait. I mentioned yesterday that an AGENT requested the first 10 pages of my novel. Today, she responded with this:


I adored the first 10 pages. If you could slip me the full manuscript as a Word doc attachment, I’d love to keep reading.

Mary Kole

She ADORED it. My first 10 pages are ADORABLE. So instead of spending the last few hours editing MoonPie and her latest cool endeavors, I’ve been re-editing my novel to send today. How exciting is that? If she finds the OTHER 260 pages adorable, we’re good to go. You know me. I can do adorable for long stretches, right?

Never mind. I promise that tomorrow, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming. And it will even ¬†include bears.

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  1. I’m so happy for you!! She had better find each and every last page adorable or … Ginger will make her sorry! (Sorry Gin but you are the only person I know who can even pretend to be intimidating.) Please keep us posted. Moonpie is adorable and fun to read about but this is too cool!

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