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Last week I posted about a Query Contest. I didn’t really expect anyone to run out and WRITE a query, but one of the requirements of the contest was to POST about it on your blog. (For those who haven’t spent hours sweating over a query – it’s basically a letter that says, Hey – my book is about this – want to read it? Sometimes agents ask for a synopsis or chapters, but a LOT of the time – the letter is your only shot.)

Anyway, I submitted my query, and did not win. Not an honorable mention, not third place, not second, not first, not the Grand Prize – nothing, nada, zip. BUT. Today I got this email:


Thank you so much for entering the query contest and sharing your work with me. Though I didn’t choose your query for the contest, the premise of your project sounded very interesting. If you’d like to submit a writing sample for my consideration, go ahead and paste the first 10 pages in a response to me, I’d love to take a look.

Mary Kole

Do you know what this means? IF this goes anywhere, it will be the first time this BLOG has helped me in any way whatsoever! And it only took a year of daily posts. Awesome.

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