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We have developed a reward system where we administer Team Tyre points. The MoonPie gets points for good behavior, completing tasks, a good attitude, etc. Points are also TAKEN away for bad behavior, not completing tasks, having a BAD attitude, etc. ┬áSome days I go back and forth, adding and subtracting points, until the chart is illegible. The GOAL is to get to fifty. Getting fifty Team Tyre points is a BIG DEAL. That’s when the MoonPie gets to do or buy pretty much anything within reason. Keep in mind that it takes a LONG time to accumulate fifty. JD has never gotten above 12, but that’s a story for another blog post.

Anyway. We hit the magical number on Monday, and the MoonPie knew right away what she wanted to do – a trip to Build-A-Bear.


There are rows and rows of animals just waiting to be stuffed. She didn’t even hesitate.


We’ll go with the Pawsome Pony, please.


First, he had to be stuffed to just the right cuddle thickness.


Then she held it’s satin heart in her hand, closed her eyes, and made a wish. I’m guessing something like -Oh, how I wish my parents would drop the Team Tyre points from 50 to 10. Never gonna happen.


Next, a kiss for luck. I tried not to think about how many other kids had run their hands through that box of hearts.


Time to groom the pony.


Hey, can’t a pony have a little privacy? Geesh.


Last stop, the dressing table. Help me! Can’t you see that I’m a BOY pony?


Awww. How sweet? All of this for only $37.00 WITH a coupon.

We may need to raise the Team Tyre goal to 75.

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  1. I should have had that system when you were young – you would probably still owe me a credit.

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