I went to a conference this weekend five hours away. Well, it was SUPPOSED to be five hours, but because I was driving with two other women, and we laughed and chatted continuously, it actually took us 7.5. We got lost, turned around for no reason, stopped three times and generally participated in behavior that would have made our husbands insane.

Is it our fault the directions were confusing? 75 North for 340 miles. Everyone at the conference had the same question when told we got lost – HOW?

Whatever, the point is – traveling with women is fun. And exhausting. We were in training all day, every day, then each night we stayed up talking and laughing until almost midnight.

And in between, I proved my brilliance by completing the Genius Determiner game at Cracker Barrel AND kicking butt at Spades.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be sleeping till Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “Zzzzzz

  1. Don’t you just love girl trips……Come up this weekend and we’ll go to Hillsville Flea Market. Joe said he would take the RV up for us, it’s that big.

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