The Next Generation

The MoonPie wants to be a photographer when she gets older. I don’t know why. It must have something to do with the one work day per month. We had some folks over the other day and she grabbed the camera.

Excellent candid of Kim and I about to whip some serious booty in Play Nine.

Wow, I love the ironic posing of the mug reading “Bodies”, while simultaneously cutting OFF a piece of his body.

Good use of Negative Space! That’s a tough concept for beginners to get – good job MP!

I am pretty sure she has a great future as a photographer.

I’ll start praying for a rich husband now.

2 thoughts on “The Next Generation

  1. Oh my!! I think she’s inherited that wonderful gene… that wonderful “taking pictures” gene… she’s got a good eye for knowing what to take pics of!! Just look at all those beautiful people! So yeah… I’ll start prayin too! That man better be EVERYTHING and MORE: the provider, the support, and the servant (We all know that MP is going to need her breakfast IN bed every morning)!! LOL

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