I think I’m a fairly simple girl. Sure I complain about my house from time to time – it’s too dark, it’s hard to clean, the closets are small – but for the most part I’m satisfied. I don’t really need anything bigger, and I’m pretty sure I’d be in trouble with a Homeowners Association if I lived in a neighborhood.

But how much is a woman supposed to endure? This morning, I packed up my laptop and headed to the basement where our office is located. Only a portion of the basement is finished. It has a playroom for MP, and an office area for me and JD. The rest is behind a door where there’s no sheet-rock and lots of junk. For the most part I stay out of it. I did, HOWEVER, go into the laundry room to iron a dress for MP before school.

So there I sat minding my business when JD went through the door to the laundry room, then quickly came back into the office.

JD: Don’t open this door!

Me: What is it? Is it a dead rat?

JD: Uh, it’s not anything DEAD.

Me, starting to panic: What is it? A opossum, a live RAT?

JD: Wait here.

No biggie, just a 3 foot snake SKIN. Found in the doorway of the laundry room where I had been IRONING.

I’m pretty sure our neighbors heard me scream. My neighbors in TENNESSEE heard me scream. And I might have stood in my chair. It’s all a blur, really.

The good news is that JD has assured me the snake is gone.

Me: I want you to move all of the furniture, every toy away from the walls and find it!

JD: Honey, it’s so darn big, we couldn’t miss it.

It doesn’t make me feel as good as you might think.

*What the Sam Hill?

8 thoughts on “*WTSH?

  1. That’s a Copper Headed Water Rattler for sure. I’d burn the house just to be on the safe side.

  2. If you can send me some close up photos of the skin, I can probably tell you what kind of snake it is … or at least tell you if it was likely a dangerous snake or not. I wouldn’t worry at all; a snake skin does not mean that a snake “lives” where you found it, merely that it visited it once. They get a bad reputation and we’re all taught from a young age to hear and hate them, and most find them to be amazing animals if they stop freaking out long enough to watch them.

  3. I was swimming in my pool with my grandson yesterday and looked over and saw a snake in there with us. I surprised myself by getting between the snake and Elijah since I’m so terrorized by snakes! Ann came out and scooped it up and killed it (after I made a bee-line to get out of the water with E). One of my friends told me her friend in Alabama just got in her pool (also with a grandchild) and there was a water moccasin! So, it could have been worse for me, but I can’t stop thinking about it. And watching for the mama to show up. The fact that they never travel alone doesn’t comfort me much either.

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