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My sister and I have a lot in common. We both love family, can get lost for hours in a good book, and nothing in the world makes us happier than being on the lake. It stems from the fact that we spent hours and hours as children riding up and down Dale Hollow Lake, skiing, tubing, swimming and just generally having a great time.

Even though I can WALK to the lake from my house, I’ve only been on a boat once in the last 15 years. ONCE in FIFTEEN YEARS! Is it any wonder I’m crazy?

Thankfully, my sweet, sweet sister and her lovely husband took pity and invited us to their place on the lake. Yes, I’m talking about Tania the MAD. Do you see how much better I am already?


THIS is where I’ve been hanging for the last 4 days. With NO internet. It really was 4 of the best days of my life.


LORD, do I  need a vacation or what??  I look like a homeschool mom from Utah that makes my own clothes and owns 14 denim jumpers. I’m wearing a hoodie in the middle of summer! That’s my brother. We are a load of fun.


I think Rachel kinda needed it too. She wants to go back. Next weekend.


My nephew, Chandler, had the highest jump. I COULD have had the highest jump, but you know how sensitive teenagers are. I had to work really hard at being bad, just to make him feel better.


I suggested Joe take a picture of me and Tania, reclining on his boat in our bikinis, in case he ever wanted to sell it. He went for the family look instead. I’m pretty sure he’ll end up regretting that, but what can you do?


Not only do they have a great place at the lake, AND a beautiful boat, Joe refused to let us pay for anything. We ate huge amounts of food, and spent the equivalent of a year of college tuition on gas, but he wouldn’t take my money. I was only able to contribute by throwing cash in my sister’s purse while she wasn’t looking. Did you know if you wrap a twenty around a bunch of one’s it looks more impressive?


This is a transcript from on board the boat. “Can we ride the tube? Can we ride the tube now? We want to ride the tube. Is it our turn to ride the tube? Are you finished skiing, cause we want to ride the tube. Are we done already?? That wasn’t long enough. Can we ride the tube tomorrow?”

It was 4 days of perfection. Well, almost. I did make a mistake the first day out on the boat, when I wore a bathing suit, and not wanting to do water sports with a camera around my neck, left it in the boat, where they USED it without permission. And now I’m only eating on Thursdays. But I’m not afraid to post a picture.  I’m in such a happy place after the 4 days of fun, who cares?


Wow. That felt good. I’m in a very healthy place now. I really MIGHT go back next weekend.

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