This is going to be fun…

Someone is not happy that summer break is over.

Me: What are you looking forward to MOST about your new school?

Kid: Nothing

Me: What is your favorite subject?

Kid: Nothing

Me: But you’re moving into a new school, that’s exciting.

Kid: Great, now we can be even LATER than usual.

Whatever. She only goes two days a week to “regular” school, which means the rest is up to me. I’m determined to make this year the best ever. I went to a Homeschool Expo last week and found lots of fun stuff. Fun, EDUCATIONAL, stuff. And lots of normal people.


See, not a denim jumper in sight. Homeschooling is great. I’m not sure why we get such a bad rap.

We’re obviously super cool. I wonder where you get a Haitian.

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