The Things I Do

My in-laws are in town and because I’m sweet and totally unselfish, I’ve agreed to let them plan our day. I’m leaving it completely to their discretion. WHATEVER they choose is fine with me.

Did I mention there’s a regional bridge tournament in town?

I don’t even have a partner, but I refuse to let that stop me. Some lucky person, asleep in their hotel room, worn out from the long drive but excited about the prospects of a win, is going to get up in the morning, go down to the partnership desk, and meet me!

Maybe I’ll wear one of my bridge sweaters, that should put them at ease.

AND intimidate my opponents. Win-Win!

One thought on “The Things I Do

  1. The nice thing to do would be to let the in-laws win. I know it will be hard for you to hold back and not win.

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