Walk A Mile in Mom’s Shoes

Moon and I have reached a great place in our relationship, that awesome, over-too-soon moment in time where we actually wear the same size shoe. The good news is that I’ve bought her several cute pairs lately. The bad news, stink. Soon she’ll be borrowing my clothes, then hating my clothes, then forbidding me to wear her clothes. She’s growing up.

On Tuesday I registered her for 6th grade. SIXTH GRADE! It’s impossible. I swear it was just the other day when JD and I were walking her into her kindergarten class, photographing every step. Well, we actually did that in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade too, but you get the idea. Now we have to hide in the bushes like paparazzi to get a shot of her on school property.

Speaking of shooting, imagine my joy when I noticed a note Moon had written on her agenda, to “Bring gun” on Monday. Luckily, she actually meant to write, “Bring GUM.” Which is much better and totally legal, according to our attorney.

School is almost over, thanks be to Jesus! Next week is Spring Break and we’re going to head to Tennessee for a couple of days. I like to share the joy that is a bored tween with my parents. They were so helpful when I was a kid. Moon will have a great time going in or out, pick ONE. Also, read a book. I was telling the bridge ladies that I might let Moon and her friends walk down the mountain to the store, but they’d have to cross a field to get there and that would entail them crawling under an electric fence. You would have thought I said they had to cross through Tora Bora. (That’s a place, right?) How hard is it to crawl under a thin wire, four feet in the air??  My plan was to relax in the shade while Moon runs around the mountain. But no, my mom says if anyone walks around the trails, I have to go too. This from the woman that once let me ride all the way to Kentucky in the back of a pickup truck.

Mothers, what can you do? The bad news is that she’ll probably actually make me walk with Moon, through the overgrown trails, and down the long, hot, dusty trail to the store. The good news is, I can still wear HER shoes.

4 thoughts on “Walk A Mile in Mom’s Shoes

  1. Good news and bad news. The electric fence is not on and the road isn’t dusty just wet and damp.

  2. More good news – just a little exercise for the BOTH of you. A little hiking won’t hurt, Moon could even stay on the mountain and just send the two of you to go fetch.

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