Friday? Oh heck yeah!

Kittens, it’s been a day. I woke up at 3:30 a.m. having a panic attack. Was the blue on the new folder I’m creating for work TOO blue? I know, first world problems. I kept laying in bed saying, “The Lord is my shepherd, the Lord is my shepherd, the Lord is my shepherd.” I’m guessing he was still miffed over my tennis prayers because it was hours before I finally fell into a fitful sleep. Which is when I dreamed JD and I were in the mountains of Norway driving a VW Beetle in a snow storm. I’m sure that means something, but I am way too tired to figure it out.

Also, tipsy. Yeah, that’s right, TIPSY. The second JD came home, I cracked open a bottle of wine and drank two big glasses. Don’t judge me, it’s a legal beverage. And I needed it. This day, totally terrible. Mainly it’s work. It’s gotten so busy lately it’s starting to feel like a real job. It was so bad, I only had time to read 4 chapters of my new book.

It’s narrative nonfiction, which means it’s a true story but not boringly so, about life in a Mumbai slum. It’s an amazing story of how people make a life in the worst of circumstances. Uh, I feel you, Abdul. You sort garbage? I had to email my web designer SIXTEEN times before I could get him to change an image. I know, RUDE.

Hopefully this big project at work will be over soon and I can go back to regular work hours. And by “regular”, I mean “very few”. I’ve got people in Mumbai to read about, and possibly help. I’m thinking of changing my profile picture on Facebook to one of a poor looking Indian kid. You gotta do what you can, amiright?

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