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This blog post is brought to you courtesy of Advil. Thank you, Lord for Advil. Thank you very, very MUCH.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, hanging out in a college town with a bunch of authors, editors and agents is way cool. We do fun, creative exercises.


I read one of my creative endeavors out loud and a PUBLISHED author, who should KNOW, told me I did very well. Did I mention she should KNOW?


This is me at the reception making myself available for autographs. People were a little timid. It’s understandable.


This is me, NOT drinking. Well, technically I am, but it’s just cranberry and sprite. I thought I’d point that out since my posts lately have involved cocktail recipes and bacon flavored vodka.


See the woman in the brown dress? I’m stalking her.


Why? Because she’s the woman that evaluated my manuscript. Why isn’t she looking for ME? Shouldn’t she try to sign me before someone else steals me away? What, she’s NOT the evaluator? She’s just another author at the conference? Well that explains it. Never mind.

_mg_2689This is Brandi Bowles. She’s a agent from New York. She looks this way because Deborah just asked if she could submit a story to her. She said yes, so I took the picture as evidence.


This is Brandi after I said, “you look scared, and she looks crazy.”

If one of the goals of this conference is to be remembered, I’d say we’re a shoo-in.

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