Out of town blogging

Hello, this is my new friend Kay._mg_2657

I’ve known Kay for about 4 hours, but I’m crazy about her. She’s funny, and smart, holy and irreverent all at the same time.


I met her through my friend Deborah. Deborah has been my friend for almost TWENTY YEARS. She’s a VERY successful tax accountant, and ¬†writes beautifully. That is her true passion and she is AWESOME at it. Nobody can write a metaphor like Deborah. Her writing is like a deep dip in a cool pool. Okay, I suck at metaphors. She’d never write anything that lame.


I have no idea why she hangs out with me. But we’ve laughed ourselves silly the last few hours.


We’re in Athens, for a writer’s conference, where we’re officially the oldest people in town. But we’re still cool. People of all ages want to hang with us.


Well, a few are intimated by our AWESOMENESS, but we understand. We really are, just that cool.

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