That’s A Fine How Do You Do!

Apparently, Ohio doesn’t get me. I’m sorry, Rick, I did my part. I can’t believe my 40 phone calls didn’t help you carry the state! Stinkin’ city folk, to heck with ’em. When America goes down the drain, don’t come crying to me to teach you how to skin a buck or run a trot-line cause a country girl can survive, in Zollicoffer where my dad is. You ain’t welcome!

Watching the election returns put me in a foul mood. At least I think it was the election. I was playing the worst round of bridge of my life, while checking the news on my phone, so I’ve at least narrowed it down to one of those two things. It got so bad at one point that I kept hoping my opponent would stop breathing for the ten minutes she was at my table. In my defense, she had asthma and who CAN PLAY WITH ALL THAT WHEEZING?

Today was a little better in that I didn’t want anyone to die in my presence. I met a group of ladies where we talked about writing, then I came home and hung out with a friend. Oh, fine, I did a whole bunch of work in between those things cause Mama has to pay the bills, but not so much that it put me in a bad mood. I hit that perfect work-to-friends ratio and everyone around me is happier and healthier for it.

The only person in a bad mood at Chez Tyre is Moon. She had to log-on to her school’s website to do math. You have to get an 80 or better to pass. So if you miss a few questions, you have to do the whole thing over to raise your grade. Math is her favorite subject and she did the first series of questions perfectly. Then we got to some odd definition math thing. You had to tell which equations were examples of words I’d never heard of. I passed the whole thing over to JD. Which is why I had to come and break up a fight fifteen minutes later. Seems DAD kept convincing Moon that her answer was wrong and that she should go with his answer and that’s how she ended up with a 50 and he ended up with a sore nose. True, both of those things.

I was very proud. She is going to be a natural at the bridge table.

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  1. I’m calling the nursing home to see if they have a room available. You need professional help.

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