I was out of town when Will and Kate got married, but I managed to get up early enough to see them kiss on the balcony. It reminded me of another wedding almost 15 years ago with a beautiful bride and a sweet groom who’s receding hairline didn’t mar his handsomeness. But that wedding was short on ugly hats, and long on cattle. That’s what the Royal Wedding was missing, the sound of lowing cattle in the field next to the church.¬† That and common sense when it comes to millinery.

Of course, the spotlight was off the royal wedding once Osama Bin Laden was killed. Lucky for Princess Beatrice, now there’s some OTHER photo to search for.

Osama’s photo is supposedly gruesome, but let’s face it, it can’t be as bad as hers. It might seem as if I’m taking the death of OBL lightly, but after a day of thinking about 9/11, Nick Berg, Daniel Pearl, and all of the men and women who’ve died because of the plans he put into place, I’m ready for some levity. And I’m basically shallow.

So while everyone else is consumed with how they found him, I’m wondering what the heck they did all day. The man had THREE wives living with him, and NO television or internet. I have no doubt that his wife pointed him out. She was probably like, “He’s the cheap loser in the corner who won’t pay for cable!” And I don’t know a lot, or anything, about Pakistani people, but if they were willing to pay a million dollars for that “mansion”, I’d like to introduce¬† them to a sweet little ranch house with an in-ground swimming pool. Barbed wire included.

Enough of my foreign policy views, let’s talk life here in the good ole USA. Gas prices are over 4 bucks a gallon and bacon prices have risen 7 % this year, and both are expected to continue to rise. Which means the party is at MY house, byob. No, really. Bring your own BACON! I’m lucky that I work from home, so commuting is not an issue, but the gas thing still hurts. Which is why I’ve been trying to get my husband to purchase us a smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicle.

How cute would we look on this?? I’m totally serious and my husband will do just about anything for me that involves spending and vehicles, so I think by summer we’ll be tooling down the street with the wind in our hair.

Well, two out of three of us anyway.

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