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Moon has been underfoot for the past two weeks, as in “No one goes ANYWHERE without me!” Bathroom? She needs to go too. To the mailbox? She can help with that. As much fun as it sounds, it can drive a mom mad. It’s not her normal behavior, so I finally got her to tell me what was going on. Seems that school was over early one day so they decided to show a movie. The classroom took a vote. While Moon voted for a sweet movie about puppies, the majority went with a Goosebumps tale.

Awesome. How long is it going to take to get this out of her head?

Why does Hollywood even make scary movies? Why do parents let children go? When I was TEN, my parents sent me to the movies with my cousin, Joanne. My much older, and much wiser cousin from Michigan where girls wore short-shorts and SMOKED. What did she take me to see? Tommy!

I’m sure she told my mother it was a musical. I had nightmares about that toilet for YEARS.

Now I have nightmares about my own toilet, but that’s a whole different story.

7 thoughts on “Lifetime Movies

  1. You conviently left out the time YOU took me to see Jaws 2. I was 6. A mature 6, but still……

  2. If you were 6, I was 11, hardly capable of making the decision on what movie to see. Obviously, our mother just dropped us off to fend for ourselves. Wait, is that why you’d cry every time we tried to teach you to ski? Explains so much.

  3. Yes, a 6 year old will cry when thrown out into the lake after watching a movie about a killer shark so large it can attack a helicopter.

    And quit trying to shave years off of your age. Jaws 2 came out in ’78. You were 13.

  4. Children, children can’t we all get along and just say how you enjoyed your childhood.

  5. M on the Mountain:
    I remember as a child watching a movie about a hand that went around strangling people. When I cried to sleep with you I seem to remember being told I shouldn’t have watched the movie to begin with. Spent the night in the hall!!! I was 5….

  6. I deny everything – the children are playing who can make up the biggest tale.

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