Men are annoying

My daughter announced today that her father is much more fun than I am. She’s sick of me making her do stupid things like bathe and finish her schoolwork.

Why do men get to be the fun parent?

Sure, I remember thinking the same thing about my dad. He used to ski us up and down the lake for hours while my mom sat at the campsite doing nothing as far as I could tell. I was pretty sure she just sat around reading Harlequin Romances while elves and fairies unpacked our clothes, prepared dinner and cleaned the camp.

So from now on I’m going to be the FUN one. Schoolwork? Who cares if you don’t pass the second grade? Bathing? That’s for losers. Besides, I’m sure that once JD notices that the MoonPie isn’t turning in her assignments and is emitting a strange odor, he’ll step up and take over all of the UNfun chores.

JD or the Dept. of Family and Children Services, whichever.

5 thoughts on “Men are annoying

  1. You are fighting a losing battle fathers will always be the fun parent.

  2. You have got to ask yourself this, would James have noticed that you weren’t turning your schoolwork, or that you were starting to smell? Perhaps, but what would his reaction have been? Would he have “taken over” those parenting chores? I think that he would have probably just ask you how long you planned on being a smelly second grader. What do you think?

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