Secret to Happiness

Since I’ve been back (HEY, did you hear I went to India?) I’ve been a much calmer, happier person. Even if you’re not a religious nut, you too can do three simple things to bring peace to your life. In the last month, I’ve not done ANY of the following:

1. Watched the news. No FOX, no CNN, MSNBC, etc. – I don’t KNOW if I should be scared.

2. Listened to talk radio. Nothing from either side. – I don’t KNOW if I should be angry.

3. Watched Dancing with the Stars. – I don’t KNOW if I’m fat.

I have a pretty good idea, but I don’t KNOW. It’s amazing how much better I feel.

5 thoughts on “Secret to Happiness

  1. haha…i tried to get you to give that up for lent last didn’t need india for that…sheeesh…

  2. It’s ok. You don’t need therapy. You could just compare yourself to me. Then you’ll feel ALOT better!

  3. I’m totally with you on this one. We would all be a lot happier and America would be a better counrty if we stopped paying attention to the people that make money by getting us angry, divided and feeling fat or bad about our appearence. By the way, you AREN’T FAT, you look GREAT (outwardly and more imporatantly inwardly)!

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