So I’ve been saying for a year that I need to simplify. Today at church, which I’m pretty sure makes it biblical, I was thinking that this was the day I’d go home and clean out my closet. Again. Remember this? As I was walking OUT of church, a friend came up and asked me, “So how are you doing with your goal to simplify things?” What’s next, a burning bush?

Can we just have a moment of silence for how sad my little accordion-door closet is? I’m the only woman in America who does not have a walk-in. If this isn’t perfect for Extreme Makeover- Home Edition, I don’t know what is! Someone should nominate me.

Anyway, here’s what I did. I threw everything I owned on the bed, then I invited my husband in. HE got to say whether I kept it or not. He could ask anything he wanted – last time I wore it, does it fit, where I would wear an orange cowboy hat – then say yes or no. And he was really shy about expressing his feelings – “That color makes me want to puke. Do you WANT your butt to look a yard wide? Are you still a heterosexual?” With his “encouragement”, I got rid of 17 pairs of shoes, and four bags of clothing.

Some of it were things I had just BOUGHT. But he was brutal.

Let’s face it. Nothing is going to make this closet look good, but at least I have simplified my clothing choices. It’s nice to be able to see what I have, and know that it fits. I feel pretty good about all of his decisions and I didn’t fight too hard for any one item. Well, except the orange cowboy hat. College football is just around the corner. As soon as I bedazzle a U and a T on that sucker, we’ll be ready to go.

5 thoughts on “K.I.S.S.

  1. Yeah! I remember that closet! Way to go girl! Maybe you could talk to Jean about her-our closets?
    As William Bendix used to say: “What a revoltin’ situation!

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