American Biggest Idle Loser

Now that’s a title I could win! I love reality TV, but I wish they’d come up with something other than the “vote off.” Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a show where one person drove around and found another person to vote ON? Then the two of them could go out and bless another person by voting THEM into the group. I would like to offer my services as the first person. One million per episode is my final offer. Winning, duh!

Is that played out yet?

I don’t know because I gave up 90% of the blogs I read for Lent. I kept the fashion one because, let’s face it Kittens, I need help. How am I supposed to get out the door if I don’t know what the Alexander McQueen Fall collection is about?

Speaking of clothing, JD did laundry today and was complaining about the amount of clothing we have. There were three baskets full. Turns out TWO of them were full of his clothing, particularly t-shirts. I counted at least 16, and his drawers have more. It’s a sickness. The third basket had MoonPie’s clothes, and about five sets of my pajamas. Yes, I wear a LOT of PJ’s. I’m kinda like Hugh Hefner except for the publishing empire and semi-clad lady friends.

My sister-in-law sent me a link to a cool website. There’s a project to simplify your life in 5 weeks, starting with your closet. That sounds like a great idea. I’ll be sure and forward it to JD. I’m already wearing PJ’s and skipping showers. How much simpler can my life get than that?

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