Good vs. Wicked

This week saw the start of a new bible study at my friend, Mantamy’s house. We’ve only had one meeting but I’ve already learned that Thessalonians refers to a place, Thessalonia, Silvanus is also Silas, and Ikea sells coconut covered chocolate balls that are to DIE for. I’m hoping the next eight weeks brings me a greater understanding of Paul’s letter. And also more of the desserts, cause seriously, they are YUMMY.

Mantamy, as I’m sure you remember, is the friend who’s taken me from India, to Paris, to the shores of Cape San Blas. I’m pretty sure I’m listed as a dependent on her tax return.  In fact, there’s a whole host of people are might be listing me on their 1040s. “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” Name that Movie/Play!

In keeping with my having the best friends EVAH, my friend and bridge partner Positive Patty gave the Tyres’ tickets to WICKED. It was fabulous! We learned that the Wicked Witch was framed, and that deep down inside, she was actually very good. That gives great hope to us that are related to Tania-the-Mad.

Moral of the story, my friends ROCK. You should look into getting some. (Just not mine – they’re taken! Why do you think I never use their actual names?)

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