You’ve probably seen the photos of our trip to Nashville by now. I only uploaded one every ten minutes while we were in Nashville. I can’t help it. It’s my FAVORITE town. We’ve done some traveling together recently, and as much as we loved Charleston and Chicago – Nashville was by far my favorite. Which is amazing considering that during the first 20 minutes, I almost left!

Moon and I drove to Nashville via my mother’s house so that we could drop off the dog. By the time we got to the big city, JD had already booked our room. We had a miscommunication regarding parking, and my miscommunication I mean I was yelling and JD was yelling, and he had to come down and jump in the truck to tell me where to go. But it gets better! Then he instructed me to park in a tiny spot next to his rental, never mind that I was in a LAND CRUISER, which is why he was yelling “Just don’t wreck my car” when I backed into something. Oh, RELAX, it was just a transformer. So of course JD had to jump into the drivers side and park us. This is when Moon looked at us and calmly said, “Well, this is a disaster.”

Hey, it could only get better, amiright Kittens? And it DID. We had dinner at The Southern which was incredible. Seriously, if we could send their pimento-cheese grits to the Middle East, peace would reign!

Because JD was working, Moon and I laid around in the hotel room, used the wi-fi and stayed warm. I do have to work, you know! Then my cousin, Gingerbread came and took us to dinner at Chuy’s.. The food was great but the ride was most entertaining. Let’s just say that Moon learned a whole lot of new words. I LOVE my cousin, another reason that Nashville rocks.

Next, Moon found out her favorite duo, Maddie and Tae, were playing at the Ryman so I got on Craig’s List and found tickets. Two tickets. So she and JD went to the concert while I stayed in and caught up on Downton Abbey. Did I mention it was 28 degrees? I’m not crazy.

The next day we went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Hatch Show Print – highly recommend both. THEN we hit the Bluebird Cafe where we listened to amazing singer/songwriters. It was so good I wanted to CRY. It was a beautiful, snowy night of great music. In short, NOT a disaster.

The moral of the story is that moms make everything better and if men wouldn’t yell, we couldn’t wreck. The End.




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