Charleston, Baby!

This is one cool city. Seriously. It’s got everything – history, good food, the ocean, good food. Some things are so good they deserve a second mention. JD went to work while Moon and I explored the city. By “explore”, I mean we asked Suri to find us the nearest restaurant. This led us to Poogan’s Porch where we had yummy biscuits and BBQ sandwiches. Afterward, we walked through the famous City Market.  There was a ton of cool stuff, but we were blown away that everything is packed up each night and unpacked again each morning. We did buy a couple of gifts while we were there, but mainly we enjoyed just looking around.

Obviously, after such a hard day we had to go back to the room and nap. Traveling takes it out of a person, amiright Kittens? JD got home around 5:30 and by 7:00 we were ready to eat again. Amen Street Fish & Oysters was our destination and again, it was yummy. We stopped at the Moon Pie store on the way home so we’d have breakfast, and then all settled in for the night.

JD has to work again, and Moon and I are going to the aquarium and to tour an old dungeon, unless we get sidetracked by something important.  And by “important”, I mean delicious. But you probably knew that already.

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