Historical Fun


Poor JD. Every few weeks he goes out of town to shoot a job, and although he doesn’t say it, I’m pretty sure he enjoys having some quiet time without us. Never again! Moon and I had a fabulous time tagging along. ¬†While he was working, we walked to the Battery and watched dolphins.


We ate BBQ. Moon had it for dinner once and lunch twice. But she also ate and loved hushpuppies, creamed corn, fried shrimp, fried fish, salmon, and a bunch of other pricey things.


One of our favorite things was ¬†doing the Old Exchange Building and Provost Dungeon tour. I know it doesn’t sound exciting, but we learned a lot about Charleston and saw some cool things – including the dungeon that held pirates and patriots.



At night, JD would come back to the hotel and we’d eat somewhere fun. Like this rooftop restaurant –


It was a lovely place to sit and look at the city.


Or your phone, whatever.

JD was done today so before heading home, we took the ferry to Fort Sumter.


Moon, who had stood RELUCTANTLY for every photo all week and walked three paces behind us wherever we went, suddenly wanted this photo for her wall. A 12 year old is pretty good at pretending that everything is all so “WHATEVER” but I could tell she had a blast.

JD Tyre Photography just gained 2 new, unpaid interns! He’s probably secretly thrilled too, amiright Kittens?


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  1. I want a copy of the family picture. One thing that Moon Pie learned was to each something besides chicken. I wish she would teach my dogs the same thing when I wouldn’t feel so bad when I feed my chickens.

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