Kittens, we are off on a homeschool adventure. Never fear, we’ve left the house and Freeda in good hands as we have hired an official house/pet sitter.  We also have my brother and ANOTHER friend dropping by while we’re gone. It’s good to know that even when we’re out of town, my house keeps up the same level of frenzied activity.

So we’re in Charleston and I have to say that today was exactly what I always pictured homeschooling would be like. We told Moon that she had to be the official navigator, and could NOT use GPS. This ended up costing me $40.00 in maps, but whatever. As we drove, Moon sat in the backseat going through the atlas and asking us questions about each state. JD, having traveled more extensively, knew a bit more than I did. At one point Moon said, “C’mon Mom, put up a fight!”  I was FINALLY able to answer a few questions when I reached down deep and remembered some facts from my youth, and also because I checked Wikipedia on my phone, but mostly that second one.

Now we’re in a swanky hotel that gives you free cookies when you check in and two small bottles of water. JD is going to work tomorrow, while Moon and I are going to explore. Well, technically I’m going to work FIRST, but since Moon will probably sleep till noon, I think I’ll have time to get most everything done.

Moon and I plan to experience all of the history of Charleston, and eat lots of BBQ, but mostly that second one.


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