A Message of Hope and Inspiration

You may want to get out the kleenex.

I played bridge today with my dear friend Patty. We knew it was going to be a risky proposition – we haven’t played duplicate together in a long time. In fact, Patty hasn’t played in about a YEAR! I know, right? So we played and just like we figured, we couldn’t seem to get a bid correct to save our lives. Every time I opened the score sheet to write down our results, we were on the bottom. Such was our day, that we both left without even CHECKING. Trust me, I’m an optimist, and usually stand at the computer waiting for the results.

Anyway, the whole way home, I was thinking about how much I like my partner, and who cares if we lost? It’s the FUN, the friendship that matters most. It was a nice day and we met a lot of nice people.

Then I got home and found that somehow we managed to WIN. We came in 2nd in C! Suck on THAT, losers.

Moral of the story – don’t give up! 1 spade doubled may turn out to be your best friend.

You’re welcome.

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