A Bridge Post!

I want to have a bridge party soon to introduce the basics to a few friends. Obviously, I can’t really TEACH bridge, but my goal is to get everyone interested enough to go to the bridge club and take lessons. Here are a couple of bridge videos to show you what it’s all about.

1. The basics –

2. The Excitement of Real Bridge

Did you notice the table giving the videographer mean looks and waving him away? That would never actually happen. They would have yelled at him LOUDLY, then called the Director over for an average+ board due to the distraction.

Now, who wants to PARTY?

4 thoughts on “A Bridge Post!

  1. That’s how we bridge players let off steam after an intense day at the table shuffling cards.

  2. Finally !!!! A BRIDGE POST!

    Hey – we had a big tournament here in Atlanta about a week ago – where were you? You can’t make Life Master without playing a few tournaments you know…

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