380 Words.

I was really close to just going to bed and forgetting about blogging, but I found out that Downton was on for another hour and figured, what the heck. You can be the judge if it was worth it.

Friday morning started on a positive note.  Kit and I decided to have coffee, and while my house was much too dirty to have her come here, we managed to find a table at Starbucks. After that, I came home and sat at my computer for several hours which is what I do every other day when I’m not running around playing bridge or taking my mother to a yard sale.

We watched the baby Allison for about an hour on Friday night and she is at a super cute age – the one where she talks and tells everything. It seems my brother was still in the bed and he didn’t get up and he was sick but he went to the doctor and now he’s going to be all well. Good. to. know.

We spent Saturday doing some very exciting things around the house like cleaning, mopping, moving the beds and sweeping up dust bunnies the size of my head. JD even went so far as to take every comforter we own to the laundry mat. Saturday night would have been a good night to sleepover, but you missed the window. Sunday it was all dusty again.

Sunday was church, then lunch, then the hospital. A friend of my dad and brother’s was in town, climbed a ladder, and broke both of his legs. If you have a moment, say a prayer for Jack. He was in good spirits, but it made me want to hide all the ladders around my house. JD fussed because I’d been on the roof this week, but I explained that I hadn’t used a ladder, opting instead to climb on top of his truck and make my way from there. It didn’t seem to make him any happier. Anyway, after the hospital, it was BACK to church to drop off Moon and Rimfire, then over to a friend’s house for dinner, and finally back home.

My life would make for a poor reality show. Also, a poor blog. I’ll see if Jack has one you can read.

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  1. I think watching you climb on top of the truck AND clean out the gutters would make for some entertaining reality TV.

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