She Lives!

I’m not gonna lie; last week was rough. I was on the road for two days and out of town for one, so basically I had to do a week’s worth of work in two days. It was a far cry from my usual schedule of stretching two days worth of work to five.

I worked Monday until 9:30 p.m., spent Tuesday getting everything done and packing, drove on Wednesday to Savannah, spent Thursday in a meeting then drove BACK from Savannah, got up early and worked, then packed and left town by 11:00 a.m. for a writer’s retreat. It was crazy so don’t judge me when I tell you that I broke the no sugar/no alcohol rule once or twenty times.

While I was away, my daughter decided to age 10 years which explains why she suddenly looks 22. She went to the 6th grade dance and it was “amazing”, which is weird because she told me for weeks that she didn’t want to go. But she’s also been telling me for weeks that she didn’t need to fix her hair or wear dresses and suddenly THAT’S changed, too. You think you know a kid then suddenly they’re putting their glasses in their purse and wearing lip gloss!

Saturday, she and her BFF went to a bridge tournament and I’m going to go out on a limb and say they were the prettiest girls there. Since I was away, JD took them. I tried to tell him he should stay and play, but he couldn’t handle the mayhem in the parking lot, much less the chaos in the bridge room. Moon and Jemi played Swiss Teams which means they got yelled at a lot and won no points. Also known as: bridge.

While she and JD were out having fun, I was working at the computer for hours on end to get the first 9 chapters of my book edited. I organized a writing retreat with some friends and we shocked ourselves by actually spending the weekend writing. I mean, we didn’t go CRAZY, we stopped occasionally to eat and drink, but there were 7 of us and we all wrote down, then actually accomplished our goals.

We stayed at a friend’s cabin in Elijay which was beautiful and right on the river. Everyone had a bed of sorts. I volunteered to sleep on the couch and it was the best sleep I’ve had in years. It could have had something to do with the fact I left both of my dogs at HOME.

I finally made it back to my house on Sunday evening and collapsed on my OWN couch. Even though there’s a dog on it already and I’ve got to go back to work tomorrow, it’s good to be home. I really missed it. The cabin in Elijay was beautiful and had a wonderful view and deer in the backyard and fancy furnishings, but home is where I find the things I can’t live without.

Hello, WiFi, I missed you so much.

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  1. I am not ready for Moon to become a teenager but I know she will be a beautiful one. You are right there is no place like home we can relax there
    better than anywhere.

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